New era of Advertising?


Am I too old?

I was doing my morning routine – running in the park, listening to music on the radio from my phone, when I heard (felt) a very interesting approach of marketing. Why felt? Its because I literally felt the message of the advertiser. It was a commercial from Esurance with not only a good copywriting, but also has a great delivery of the the message to the client.
Lets face it! Who gives a damn of those 15 sec of commercial when you are listening a powerful and engaging music, when you are trying to run your 5k or 10k? The only thing that you are thinking of, is how annoying it is and how can you skip it or to go faster, cause it’s bothering your running mood. 

Even I, for example, I  know to appreciate a good commercial, and looking for something inspiring, still I don’t like when there is a commercial break when I am listening to music. But when I first heard this commercial, it got me realize that I’m way out of it, that suddenly I woke up ten years older and I am out of practice as a marketing/ advertising person. Seriously, I have been out of practice one year, meaning that I am not working in marketing for a year, but it I always try to keep up with the new things that come out for the advertising and marketing sector. After this, it got me thinking that I haven’t really do a great job on keeping up with the latest news and trends.
The ad comes out of the ordinary right from the beginning, when you can hear the so called Left Brain “talking” in your left ear only (earbud ) and then the Right Brain in your right ear, and it goes back and forth, delivering the message. It gets your attention right away, not because its interesting, but also because it kind of gives you a headache.
It’s a very interesting tool to delivery the message in a way that the receptor will actually listen to it. Lets face it, nowadays its very hard to impress the customer. He is targeted with so many commercials and ads, but he still finds a way to avoid it: TV recordings with fast-forward through the commercials; radio subscriptions to avoid the ad spots, etc, and it is kind of hard to catch his attention when by accident, he hears your ad. Now, that the ad it’s a little annoying, it’s a different story. This back and forth talking in one ear and then in the other it can give you a real headache (in other words, catches your attention 🙂 ). I actually saw a feedback to the company that the ad it’s creative indeed, but it’s irritating.
Just to let you know, your “Right brain, left brain” ad spots on Spotify give me a headache. While I applaud the creativity…. they kinda hurt my head. Keep up the good work“. 

Also, if we are in the “right and left ” area, I couldn’t mention the amazing Mercedes creative ad. I don’t really think there are any connection between them, but the execution is amazing! That proves once more that the most simple and common ideas are the best ones!
Everyone knows that there is two sides of every story/brain, but there is always a way to find the best compromise in order to prosper! Well, I guess that both of them did find it, and they didn’t have to search to far – it was in the left and the right brain 🙂


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Advertising love…?


I don’t want to look like an hypocrite, saying stuff that are not true about me. Its because  I have been there and I can look back and see the changes and the diferent person that I am now.

I have been there. Not necessary saying (bragging about) things that weren’t true or real (or at least in the same area code), but specifically, waiting for something good to happen in order to post it on social media. Of course I was happy and grateful about whatever good happened to me, but it was like having more fun posting it out there!! Well, you have to give me credit too, I was just a kid with different priorities…

Now, I rarely use the social media, just to connect with friends (and find out what they are bragging about, LOL). Anyway, today is a
special day for me (and my better half) and looking back to our relationship I know that now I am truly happy that I have finally found  THE better half of me.  So, I’ve been thinking, are we actually happy? Cause we are not posting every day a new picture of us loving each other, on Facebook,  we don’t check in every weekend somewhere,  when we do something fun, enjoying each others company, etc. Is that the way to measure  the “happiness” and the “successfulness” of nowadays couples? Is it that we have arrived at the point when social media bragging is just a daily basis activity, that shows  us if we are successful or not? Is it living in a “sell-buy” world , now we need to advertise love in order to get a better self-esteem, to sell a better relationship/life ?

I read a few studies on this matter, and most of them say actually, that most of the people with  low confidence and self-esteem,  tend to boost their relationship / life  on social media.

Research from Albright College in Pennsylvania has revealed that individuals high in Relationship Contingent Self-Esteem – a type of low self-esteem centered on how your relationship is going – are more inclined to post affectionate content, such as posts acknowledging ‘the best boyfriend in the world’ or other declarations of happiness.”

I am not trying to be sarcastic, saying  that only phony people post stuff on Facebook. Its not true. As  MUHAMMAD ALI, said in 7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way “It’s not bragging if you can back it up” there are genuinely happy people that when something really important for them happens, its going to be posted on Facebook. But lets be honest, I am sure that I am not the only one that have those annoying friends that probably the only thing that they don’t post on Facebook is when they go to the bathroom! (Sorry for my French)

I happened to meet a few people that shattered my knowledge about real true love. And I am not talking about the ones that, around friends try to be the couple of the century,  I am talking about those, who in a completely strange crowd, or in the comfort of their own home and intimacy, they are the couple that share the love of the century!

Working in a restaurant a few hours a week, also gives me the opportunity to study people in different moments (as a intimate couple surrounded by careless strangers; or the couple surrounded by their friends or other family). I had a call for a reservation from a guy that made my day! He called for a reservation for their 15 years anniversary, and the way he talked about his wife, about organizing this surprise for his love, made my heart smile. That is true love, after 15 years I could still feel his love for his wife. You hink that 15 years is a lot? Hm, while a couple was waiting for their table (about 30 min) we alked about them and how much the enjoy doing different things together. And the way they talked about each other was so welcoming and warm, and I was a complete strange, that didn’t care about their perfect relationship. They were genuinely happy….  Every time they come, they are holding their hands, and stilling kisses from each other. They’ve been married for  47.  That is a strong love!

 So, back to my point – is advertising love a new thing today? Is it that nowadays,  flashing a perfect life story in the faces of our friends, the main thing to do? Wasn’t this the Disney’s fairytales job?   Cause its just getting depressing….. Seriously, It makes you wonder if you are the only one that doesn’t have a perfect life!but lets not forget that people usually post only  the best moments. So its kind of wrong to compare your “back stage” life with the “on stage” life of the others…  And we need to remember that nobody is perfect no matter how much they try to pretend to be on social media or even real life !!!

P.S. Even though I dont post pictures or stats that shows how happy I am, I i am really happy and in love right now!!! 🙂 just saying ….:) 

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Monochromatic life…


It’s funny how these things go… I remember that when I was a kid, my dad loved tacking pictures of everything, especially with his kids. ( like all parents I guess) He had a lot of cameras, he was very passionate about photography and that made him buy and own at least 4 different cameras, which 30 -40 years ago meant something! I remember that he had also a T-shirt printing machine so you can make T-shirts with your picture on it.
Anyways, coming back to what I wanted to say, about photography, it’s the black and white photos that are much more interesting to me than the color ones. I would say actually that the photos are made to be black and white and only the paintings are in need of color!
The black and white photography has something that colors can’t give you – they capture in one shot the entire world. It’s like it has a soul of its own, an art for only the gifted people that can understand it up to its core. Maybe cause I am closer to the black and white photos as I grew up, or just because it looks a lot simpler, or it’s just the wordless feeling that tells me a true story, but i’ll never trade : a good black and white photo for ten colorful ones. And seeing this article on website made my point even stronger! 

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Imagination. For Selling and Unselling

I just love anything that it is related to advertising, marketing or just creativity in any way. And the best part about it, is that it does not need to be said/ made or understood by some advertising or marketing guru – it that simple that everyone can figure it out and appreciate!!
Most of the marketers have a very specific job to do – sell (growth and productivity – money-wise). But I guess its just depends what you are trying to sell, isn’t it?
This video of the BTL campaign ( I guess I can call it that) its out of the extraordinary!! IT IS UNSELLING !! That is its main goal! Forget those 4 years of marketing that I’ve studied in university, forget those 4 years of advertising that I’ve worked in Ad Agencies and fancy european corporation – marketing its not about selling! Its about touching people, and making them realize the most common thing that they already know, without them actually realizing it.

I just couldn’t resist not to reblog this post! I applaud the other creative art, but the video its way over the top! That is what creativity and marketing all about!

Ideas, Riffs And (Some) Noise On All Things Marketing. Branded

Quick Read: Evoking imagination has always been a classic trick in the marketers’ book. Let’s see some recent examples where it’s been used to sell. And to unsell.

Man-eaters and the ritual of imagination

For four years, Dutch designer Daniel Disselkoen made the same journey on the same tram route to his art academy, and realised that he had stopped looking out of the window and being curious about what he might see. So he developed a simple little real-world hack called Man-eater.

Predicated around the idea that familiarity with a subject, our environment, surroundings or routine can limit discovery, Man-eater is a simple yet compelling call to action to invoke our imagination to make extra ordinary out of the ordinary.

Is at about seeing the world through a child’s eyes? 

Museum of Childhood

Museum of Childhood (yes, there indeed is a museum by that name!) says exactly the same…

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Competition: Good or Bad?


It wasn’t like now, recently, I started to ask myself this question, it didn’t just hit me. Many times I was thinking about this, but just recently I saw an actual example, that made me realize that it’s a good subject for discussion. And, yes, it wasn’t just me that thought about this, many other people talked about the effects of the competition, others even wrote full papers and dissertations  on this subject.

We see competition in everything that we do during a normal day in our lives. Starting with the same race at the bathroom in the morning, continuing with the “who’s going to be the first at the street light” or at work, and ending with that special person whom you try your best to impress. This is not just an homo sapiens thing, there is no point to be arrogant about this,  its relevant for all of the species on the planet. 

So the case that got me thinking this time about this, and the effect that has on subjects (human or otherwise) was about two acquaintances of mine – two partners of a restaurant business. They’ve been together for over 7 years, opened two successful restaurants, and after all this time decided to go separate ways. Now, the time for changes came.  Its like a competition: who gets the most of the regular clients, who proves that is the best and it is better at this, than the other… I know that its kind of harsh, and this is what competition is all about, but they act like little kids that are trying to prove they are good, so the mommy will give the candy to one of them.

What is wrong in doing changes? Nothing! Its just kind of fake… up until now, there were no changes, and even if there were any requests for that, it wasn’t possible or somehow it was way too expensive. Now, after they split, everything is possible. Could this be just because now they have a clear task: you’ve got this, I’ve got that, and each one makes its one decisions and is the leader of a specific part of the business?

Is competition hand in hand with leadership? Or without one, the other can’t exist? According to social darwinists, the competition has its main goal or effect the determination of the best one from the group (politically, economically, biologically, or otherwise).
So, if that is true, we do need competition in order to see which one is the leader. That’s how we came in this world, that’s in our blood. We evolved to “homo sapiens” through competition and leadership: we competed for our territory, for our food, for our mates. Even our reproductive cells compete between them. The only thing we do not have in our blood is the ability to stay human in a competition. Coming back to my case that brought me here, I realized why Gandhi was not to in to competition. He speaks more of egoistic competition, that can lead to violence, conflict or destructiveness.  Only one of the managers mentioned before saw this competitiveness more  through its ego. Yes, he is trying to do best, and to prove that his  leadership is the one of a true nature, but the way I see it, its just someone a little frustrated that things didn’t go his way, and now he needs to prove himself more for its ego not for the best of his business.  This brings me to my opening quote: “competition brings the best in our business/products, but
the worse in people”.

Yes, competition is something that we have to deal with everyday! Its not just necessary, its in our blood – we cant run from it! Most of the time it’s a good thing, because it brings the best in what we do, and in what we are, but we do need to be very careful not to mix it with egoism, jealousy, and hate, otherwise we become worse than animals. For example: two lions will fight for their territory, for their food, for their mates, but they will never, at one point, go in a different heard to fight, just because they feel like it. And that is why some people, that see competitiveness through their ego are worse than any other animal on the planet.

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Between past and future…


It may sound out of this world or surreal but it’s actually the best day to think about that, and to realize that it is really happening! It’s just between two minutes, between two short seconds, that the whole year is changed, from 2014 we go to 2015! Just like that! Everyone thinks about the past year, and makes new targets and goals for the next one: be a better person; work twice as hard; help others; say more often that you love your close ones, etc.
I bet that it will be quite a story/book if someone will gather all the wishes and New Years Resolutions! I think it will be really inspiring.
It’s a really powerful day today! It changes a lot not only in the calendar, but also in our lives. I bet that if someone will do a research about when people tend to be better and more thoughtful , it will be at the beginning of the new year!

Today, for me, it three times a better day! It’s is New Years Eve – a day that I celebrate as good as I can! It’s my birthday – I am a New Years baby 🙂 and it’s also the day that I started a new episode in my life- I have a wonderful relation with my special person that I love so much! ❤️

It is a special day! And it should be one for everyone! It marks an ending and a new beginning, it makes you feel more powerful than ever! So let’s be happy on this day, and let’s enjoy every second of it!

Happy New Year!!

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What we write about tells us who we are…

Just came across this post, and I couldn’t reblog it! It is so true! I remember when I first started to write, was about a love story, my first love story, when I was a kid. Even if I deleted it after I had finished it, I still remember the true feelings that were the base of the story, and how innocent and honest was… there fore I think that was one of my best stories that I wrote about – when I wrote about a true, honest feeling that I had! and to try to re-write it now, I don’t think I could write it that good as I did back then!

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T.S. Eliot Explains The Problem With Modern Day Writing

Not much to say, just that it is so true!!! I had to re-blog it !!

101 Books

Keep in mind, he said this in 1921.


That comes from Eliot’s The Perfect Critic. Photo and credit to K Street Hipster on Twitter. 

I’ve read that quote several times. And, the more I read it, the more I realize how it’s about much more than just writing. It’s about debate and how we gain knowledge.

That last sentence really struck a chord with me: “And when we do not know, or when we do not know enough, we tend always to substitute emotions for thoughts.”

How insightful is that? Think of online debates about Michael Brown or Eric Garner. Think of any debate or argument, really, online or not. How often do we let emotion get in the way of rational thought?

Great stuff from T.S. Eliot more than 90 years ago.

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My idea, your idea … any idea?

It’s no surprise that when you work in a specific area of activity, you are more focused on what is happening in that particular world. For example, I always pay attention a little bit more than others in my family to everything that is related to advertising or publicity. And its not just because they don’t care, its cause I see in those commercials a lot of flash backs from my college and work. For instance, a few days ago I saw a TV Commercial on an USA channel, from PayPal company. It was a flash back  4 years ago, when we did a TV Commercial for one of our clients, from Moldova. That was a surprise! Why? Well, the commercials where very alike.

So, if you put all together, like : two different countries, two different products, and most of all two different time frame, the ideas are so close to each other!! I know what you would think – ‘inspiration’ from the first one (its not like it never happens in this line of business). But no way! I know that for a fact, being sure that our commercial didn;t leave the premises of our country.

Made me think, how interesting and close are the minds of the people in the same line of work/activity, so that time and space apart, they came up with almost the same ideas. How can a copyright issue be solved in this case? Is it any? Its not like its about that, cause the laws of advertising are so wide-framed and different in the same country, nevertheless in different ones, and here we are not talking about breaking any code or something. at the end of the day, its about the success of the idea that you put in to the project, the success that will bring to your product/company. But then again, here the success was different too: the second commercial, for the well known company – PayPal, has success with the commercial ( at least I see it a lot on TV), while the first one, is well forgotten already (sadly, cause I actually worked on it).

Although, it makes me proud, cause we, an agency from a small country,  had the same idea why before a bigger advertising agency had it for its bigger client. 🙂

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Read me some…

I know, that’s probably the most “cliche” thing to say, but today,  I bumped in to an article on one of my favorite sites about art and life,, that reminded me about one of the most important joy of life – books.

read me some

Its not that I didn’t know that already, I am sure that everyone knows that, but its the quote that it was used caught my eye and mind.  It was a quote by Albert Einstein. He was asked once how we could make our children intelligent. His reply was both simple and wise. “If you want your children to be intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”  …Could it be as simple as that?

Than I remembered of myself as a kid, in a time and place that books were not quite everywhere. In a time and place that was still in between the big changes, not only for the country, but for the books as well : change of the alphabet, change of the ideology of what you can or can not read, change of the folk stories and ferry tales. But still, I was entertained every night by a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing fairy tales, told by my loving and great father. (I remember so clear one of my favorite stories,  with a white horse and a brave little boy that unlike his older brothers, in a very skillful way, overcome all the obstacles to get the girl he loved. I admit, my father was one hell of a story teller, even now he can tell it to you as if he is living it!) He did like to read, and because of that we had home a mini library, that I always invaded to look at the books. I didn’t understand most of it, they where in Cyrillic ( Slavic alphabet). Still, I was inspired to read or discover. I knew I wanted more…

Then, came the school years, so many books, and frankly not to much will to read but more will to watch TV instead… I did my mandatory school readings, but that was all… until I found a book* ( or it found me…) – my first book that I read without anyone telling me to do so. It reminded me about that fantastic world that books together with my imagination open up! So many books that I read, taught me so many things! Taught me how to believe and care, taught me how to trust and hope, taught to fight and to want more. Its funny that for a few good days I didn’t  even remembered the name of that first book, though I remember every detail of its cover and the stories in it. How weird is that? Maybe all I have to remember about it, is that it made me to want to read more and more, and to be thankful for that.

We should read more, we all should show to our kids that besides TV and phone there is an other world out there, like my father showed me that I can do get to my happy ending. A fascinating world that builds us from inside out, makes us more emphatic, and helps us escape the harshness of our real world, by teaching us how to act, how to be more intelligent or skillful, to overcome all of our obstacles in life… for a better life!

*the book is called “Crime and Science” by Jurgen Thorwald – a fascinated book that could replace any time all this crime TV Shows, and that inspired movies (ex. “The fugitive” with Harrison Ford) article
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