Why greenstroke ?!?!

Maybe for someone this would be an odd name for a personal blog, and to be honest it is a little odd even  for me… So why I chose this one? Very simple I didn’t have a choice!  Actually  I wanted to name my blog “standpoint“, but it was unavailable(From where so much luck!! 🙂 ). So  I needed  to find another one, cause I didn’t want to be that simple, like using my first and last name.  I started to think about possibles choices, so I come up with a couple of words in my head. I chose the ” stroke ” word cause it seemed to have some connection with my first idea. I know it is a little rough  (I  don’t know if is the right word to say…), but i needed that; I need something tough  to get any attention from the world surrounding me… Actually we live in a harsh world, so maybe is needed more sensitivity from us, but I think that only something has to be strong enough to be able to change the whole world.

Why ” green ” ?… It’s not that I am a “green person” or that I advertise  some “Go Green” Organization (even that they have all my support!), it’s because this color is very significant, it has a lot of meanings, and I like it. Green is the  ” go ahead and do this or say this ” color, is the color of permission. Maybe I chose this color ” in memoriam”  of freedom of speech in my country …

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One thought on “Why greenstroke ?!?!

  1. cristina J

    i REALLY like the name…………..and my favorite coclor is greeen too………………….now u can say that we are sister….hehehhe

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