It’s Time To Change!!!

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Today, there are many organizations, unions, and projects that are trying to make the world a better place for living, not only a place where people are living a little longer but also a place where the love, moral values, and respect are a priority for all. It’s funny, cause it is probably like 100 people per organization/project on this matter, but still, is far away from the fact that the world is a place that is similar to the one from their vision. There are still people that hate each other, people that fight, people that are malicious. Anyway, in my country there is a saying: “There is no forest without sick trees” and maybe even if we could have one  person per one project, still it won’t be heaven on earth. That doesn’t mean that we can’t fight and dream for that to happen.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this subject has no ending, and I am not trying to do something that no one can – to end it. The thought to write something about this came from the time I was in elementary school. About then I wrote a different story, but with a similar problem- a better living for human kind. That story, which I lost, unfortunately, was about people from my country, which are “forced” to leave the country in search for a better living. “Emigration – a pleasure or a necessity” that was the name of that article, and I remember that back then I was supportive to the necessity term for the emigration cause. Word, that right now, I am not that sure that I would use it. I didn’t travel a lot and I don’t have so much experience that gives me the right to say that, but still, I think that none of the words that I used back then is the right one, not the one I would use now at least. Sure, the temptation to go abroad is very acute right now, especially for the Third World countries, nut this is not the only option. I am not here to judge them or their reasons but I think that the main reason for the mass emigration is the cowardice and laziness. I still think that if you really want to do something, to accomplish a dream you can do it everywhere, all you have to do is to fight and to believe in it and in you. Of course, depending on the situation and objectives it may be a little harder, but not impossible!

I also had the thought of leaving my country, which I still do, but not because I want to live better in a different place, where people are more virtuous and kind, but to get more and different professional education and then to  come back here to apply all that I have learned. To help to make the change for the place that raised me, in name of my family and friends. Everyone wants to go somewhere else where apparently the moral values are met, where the economy is helping all the population from there. However, thinking about this, how do you think that they got this far? How do you think they have all that they have now, that draws you in? They had to work a lot at the beginning, side by side, and not to run away letting all that on others. That’s why I used the word: “coward”!

All we have to do is to start the change! Cause it’s already the time for that! It’s been too much time, and no one did nothing! We have to stop thinking about “Me “and to think about “Us”.  In this context, I don’t think about changing the world by magic to make something impossible!  All that I am talking it’s about us, about our behavior, our values and respect of others. That’s a good way to start! If you will respect others, they will respect you as well. I know that this is hard to believe, but only the faith in this is going to give the strength for that – to fight with the indifference! Try to say “thank you” every time you have the chance, try to say please and welcome to everyone, try to smile as much time you can, start to care about the people surrounding you, try to shine that happy light and send it on!   Sure, this will take a while, but with every minute that you spend being nice to someone, helping people surrounding you, you can destroy the seed of disbelieve and people will start to change! There is no way that someone can be so malicious with the person that treats him nice for so long. It will pass a while and things will start changing, and he will start to be nice, but that means that we have to try each day. Maybe a little bird can bring the sun and the spring. I am sure that with one little action the chain reaction will never stop and it will bring the change that we need!  I know that it takes a little spark to start the fire, so let’s start the fire that will bring the change to the world. If we take the chances, we can change it. Just imagine all that we could do for our world… all that YOU could do for the world you live in!!!

P.S. the song that I attached to the post it’s very significant for this subject! Just try to listen it and to try understand it!!!

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One thought on “It’s Time To Change!!!

  1. n-o sa regasesti niciodata ceea ce cauta ONG`urile in manifestatiile lor…. ONG`urile is spalare de bani…primesc bani si ii folosesc pentru scopuri nobile,doar ca nimeni nu vede rezultate…si pina la urma, ele intre ele concureaza…unde sa mai ramina loc si pentru muritori?

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