Back on the track…

It’s been a year… yeah, almost a year since I posted something on this blog. All this time I thought that this is another master plan that I don’t pull it till the end, because all those who know me a little, say that I never  do something all the way through.  Well, this proves that they are wrong! I do finish al that I have in my mind, it just takes some time…

Anyway, I’m back now, and I’ll try my best to make time to write every week. But to be clear, not that I have to demonstrate something to someone… but because I want it!

Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Back on the track…

  1. Preaty Eyes

    hmmm…..that’s nice…..:) let me ask u something? what do u mean by “some time” ? and i always believed in your journalist talent…..and who really believe in you. they don’t ask for proves:0

  2. Yes my darling, I know that if someone belives something or in someone, it doesn’t need proves. I call it motivation – maintaining the grounds… 🙂 And to answer to you question: some time it may e a second or a year! but, hey, is never too late! 😀

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