Branding for Moldova

Well, as I said in the last post, somehow we have to try to do some positive awareness form inside to outside, for a good branding. It’s a funny thing, but actually, me – hoping, well it actually worked. This year was different. It started with national flag branding. Of course, it wasn’t my hopes that change that, it was a TV campaign, but still it was something. A new TV Channel from MD, Publika TV launched a national campaign for all  people that are proud to be from Moldova. The basics of the campaign were to take a picture with our national flag and to send it to the channel. It didn’t matter if the picture is from MD or from the other side of the earth, it had to be creative, funny, and proving their love for our little country.

The idea was innovative and very “at the moment”, but I have my remarks about development of the campaign. From my point of view, the idea wasn’t developed through the end. When is announced a campaign like that, when the consumer, the public has to make some effort to do something, in this case to take a picture and to send it to an email address, only 10 % will do that in response of their sympathy or love  or … well, even I can’t find a good reason for that. The rest of the public will do that for a prize. In this case, Publika TV promised to show their photo on TV. That was it! Well, it’s a good idea, usually our ego – the chance of appearing on a TV channel- can be a good impulse to act, but it could gone better. First of all, the campaign was announced only on TV. There wasn’t any page on its website dedicated to the campaign (it was a national and international campaign), only the article posted among the other different articles and stories. Therefore, the audience for this was reduced. In addition, they didn’t post any picture on the web. More than a half that sent their picture didn’t see it – so it was no prize for them. The pictures were posted on TV, but only a few could see their photo, so it was a little disappointing. And yes, it was disappointing for me too, because I sent my picture, and I didn’t have the chance to see it. J Well, it was a start, a impulse to act! That was what impressed me the most! The will of acting, of course it was needed some pushing, but the result was great! There was a whole building covered with our flag. They spent like a lot of money for it, but it was nice! Then,  a lot of companies installed a flag in their office, there was building apartments that also put the flag on its entrance. It was for the first time in Moldova when people acted like that. at least for the first time I saw it. I was in USA for its Independence Day, and their country branding surprised me. They were wearing hats, t-shirts; I bet they did wear the underwear also with US flag! I hope someday I will see that in Moldova people that worship their country and national flag like US citizens, and all of them will be proud for being born here! I am!

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