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I was watching (actually, re-watching for like 20th time, cause is my favorite movie) Twilight movie- the first Book, in English off course, and one moment caught my attention, also reminding me about other times and situations, about what  defines a good branding and brand awareness. Probably you have seen the movie, so I won’t start do relate it right now, so I will mention only the part that the boy explained to the girl  how he manage to stop the car with his hand only- “I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common, you can Google it.” It may appear like an advertisement for Google, but does it need that already when the brand is blending with its key  word “search”? This is not the only example that I can give to you. Not even close!

Let’s take the very same diapers for babies. I don’t know in other countries, but in Moldova when you say diapers… it’s ok, but usually it’s used the word “Pampers” for that. Even though it’s not about the brand’s name, even though the diapers have other brand names, like Huggies or Molfix or I don’t know what other brand name there is for that, still there are called “pampers”. For a half of minute, I already forgot the word “diapers” in Romanian, all that I had in mind is “pampers”. This it can be explained by adding that P&G’s employee Vic Mills, was among the first that developed the disposable diapers “Pampers”, so usually when something new appears, it is associate with the name, the definition term, and the direction of use.

The same case is with a type of noodles from my country. Actually, from Ukraine, I think. The thing is that if I could find the term for diapers in Romanian, for this type of food, I cannot. From my point of view, if it’s a kind if spaghetti, that are in small portion, are curly, and it can be cooked in 2 minutes with only boiled water- it’s “MIVINA” or “MИВИНА”. I don’t care if it’s other trademark, or other brand like ROLTON, , I still call it like that- “Mivina from ROLTON”. Even when I was in USA, I called like that( American Mivina), I didn’t remember the name, the trade mark, the company’s brand, there are the same, why bother?

Even the countries have their brands – country branding. When you say perfume or kiss I say France, when you say chocolate or tulips I say Netherland, when you say tea and royalty I say England, when you say easy money I say USA, when you say banking and financing, I say Switzerland, when you say robots I say Japan, when you say vampires I say Romania … and this can continue until forever. Everything can give to different things brand awareness, it’s either that it’s the first time/place that it was invented/heard about, or the best quality among the rest. Either way it is more about good stuff or qualities. Somehow, for Moldova it’s different. Lately we are the brand for instability and poverty. Perhaps this is also branding, a negative one, but is a brand, right?

Probably it will be better for starters to try to do some “inside – branding”, cause you can’t make something beautiful and strong from the outside when the inside is weak and unstable(putred). It took me a few minutes to think if am have the right to say(write) this, and despite all of the criticism that I will get for this,  I will say it: Citizens  from Moldova are NOT proud to be from here! Hell, sometimes I am not proud to be a part of it, and I am the one that still has hope writing this post. So I wonder how can we make a good branding for Moldova if we don’t want to be a part of it? Well, beats me! Somehow, we HAVE to try! It’s everyone’s job! Maybe after, well, let’s say few decades our country brand will be better known than Paris and the French kiss. But then again, as I said in “about me” post, I tend to be a little naïve.  🙂

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