Where do I begin… Do I?


A few years ago, when I started this blog, or so-called blog I thought that at least 2 times per week I will write here about all my “issues” with the world. But guess what, I didn’t! Shame on you Lilia!!

Well, it was a tough period that passed, no free time, at least not enough for me, and I can find enough reasons or excuses not coming here too often. And to be fare, for more than one year I almost forgot that there is something like that. Any way, there is no excuse, not that I am trying to find any. Just, I guess that at this moment, the idea of saying something its growing on me.

Nowadays, almost everyone is trying to reach out to the world through blogging /internet. So am I. At least lets give another try, the third time is the charm. And it is not that I forcefully trying to do that, its just that I arrived at some point, that I want to speak to somebody, and i can’t. Not entirely.

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