Well, today wasn’t one of my best days… I had stomach flu, and I couldn’t even get up from my bed. I remembered that once I started to write poetry,when i was sad, or sick…, well, today I couldn’t even say my name, nevertheless to think up some poems. But i found the old notebook with the poems, in romanian, that are more than 8 years old… Hope you’ll like it. ( some are sad, as you figured)

Eu zbor
As vrea sa pot zbura…
Peste clipe, peste ani,
Peste viata-mi
As vrea sa pot zbura!
Aripile se-ntind usor
Sa-mi iau avant
De pe pamant
Ca o pasare spre cer sa zbor!
Sa ajung la stele as vrea
Dusa de vant
De la pamant
Sa culeg deacolo o stea!


Aud un sunet care ma orbeste
Vad o limina care m-asurzeste,
Simt o raceala care ma frige,
Si in acest haos imi dau seama
Ca viata mea se stinge.

Pune-ti o dorinta

Sunt clipe cand
Ma gandesc ca rostul nostru
E sa fim pamant.
Dar oare acest gand,
Nu ne stopeaza,
Si involuntar devenim pamant?
Ce ar fi de noi
Vom gandi
In fiecare zi
Ca suntem niste nori?
Ce ar fi daca,
Vom gandi
In fiecare zi
Ca suntem apa?
Oare daca vom pune ca scop
Ca peste un timp
Atunci cand dorim
Vom deveni noi foc?
Astfel, doar dorindu-ti
Invata ca poti fi orice, oricine!
Dar atunci cand esti ceea ce vrei,
Nu uita de TINE!

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2 thoughts on “Memories…

  1. cristina

    Impesionata ……fffff mult imi plac poeziile.

  2. Ma bucur ca ti-au placut, sunt vechi, dar inca imi plac …. 🙂

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