Noe’s Arch!

It’s official! We live in the tropical region! Or at least this summer we do!  First, the entire month of May was almost full of rainy days and extremely hot sun, then were a couple of weeks of torrid sun, and now again rainy days. I am not complaining, I am not, but two day of non stop rain? Come on! May be its good for the plants, for the landscape, but not for the city!

Before all this interesting weather started, in May, I remember my parents were so eager to have some rainy days, because almost everything was getting dry and dusty. Not that I was bothered by the sunny weather, all previous summers here were like this, but every topic in the village was about it – The dry weather and the lack of the rain.

After that, a few weeks later, two weeks of heavy rain came! It rained so hard, that all the surface soil from the forest come in our garden. Some of my neighbors had their vegetables, from the up hill of the garden, delivered right in front of the door.

Coming back in the city, well wasn’t that much of a big difference: Here wasn’t a climate change, it was a change of the landscape – all the streets were transformed in rivers.

Well, the time passed and the sun came out from the clouds, shining all day long. Isn’t this a hell of an ending for a story? And as it frequently used in the movie world, it needed a sequel. Here it was – an amazing come back of the rivers in our beautiful city! Only this time they’ve decided to meet, and to make a small pound, called the new Chisinau.  And its funny, because just a few days before, I had a drink with a friend from Netherlands, and he explained that, no matter how much its raining out there, in a few seconds all the water disappears. And here an hour of raining the city becomes part of a biblical scene – the only thing that is missing – is the Noe’s Arch. Probably this will be more efficient to build than a good sewerage.

Chisinau, June 2013(3)

Chisinau, June 2013Chisinau, June 2013(2)

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