Home Alone (II)

home sweet home
In order to be Home Alone 2, it hat to be Home Alone 1 first. Well, it was, three years ago, when my parents had a two week vacation in Italy – to visit my brother. Back then I didn’t put it here.

Now, they are in a great vacation visiting my sister – in USA, MA. God, I wish I could be there right now! They are with my sweet liitle goddoughter- my niece, participating at her baptism, having a great after church dinner… and the list can go on and on. More over I wanted to be with them, as this was their forst flight that long, with a connection flight in Vienna. I wanted to be with them during this amazing experience. Well, maby next time! I really hope that they will enjoy this trip, in order to understant why everyone loves USA! 🙂 and, as I heard from my sister, my father really like it! My father – the one that always says that nothing is better than his garden, his house, his country – his “home sweet home”!

Comming back to my Home Alone theme, I am staying home to take care of the household ! and it feels great! free time, fruits, healthy and fresh food, sunbath… everything I need right now!

Thats a sweet compensation for not being near the ones I love! Soon that day will come!

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