Moldova-amazing land! Is it?

I was born in Moldova. And no matter what, I am proud to be from around here. But sometimes its just to much to handle….. That’s why I thought to start a series of shorts stories about the real life in my country.
Life’s hard, as my boss says to me all the time. These days I ” had the honor” to go in a district hospital, to meet with a few doctors from there. The condition that my mother has, forced her to make an appointment with the doctor, in order to figure out what to do further. We came in the big city, thinking that the doctors here have at least a small idea of how a patient should be treated. Yeah right! They had a quick look, and sent her back to the district hospital, saying that they don’t treat patients with this kind of condition, its a simple thing, so it can be treated in a district hospital. That’s it! No diagnostic, no analyzes, no nothing! Oh, yes, I forgot – a simple look of and “expert” and that’s it. All right, I get it, you must think that its a simple thing, like a rash, or a small infection, or a flu. It isn’t, it’s a surgical thing, at least that’s what the said. When I asked a simple thing like, to recheck, in order to be sure, to take some tissue sample, blood analyzes, the doctor made an angry face, pretending that didn’t understand- answering that she speaks/understand in russian! Seriously?!? Where do you think you are, my dear? Go treat Yeti in the freaking Siberia!
Well, the story doesn’t end here, I am so pissed right now, that probably I would say probably more bad things about her, than I should!
When we got in the district hospital, the surgeon said that the doctors from the city shouldn’t send her here, but if they did, she has to stay there, for a treatment. Stay where? Have he seen the conditions that the patients must live in? I would’t resist there a day, nevertheless a week. The rooms were for six patients, its ok, considering that there are not more than three or four patients in a room. The sheets ( in a surgical section!!) are yellow-ish, not because they like the color, but simply because the haven’t washed it for years. The smell there is unbearable, not because of the medicines or chemicals used for cleaning, but because they don’t clean at all! With the toilets, oh, I am even gonna go there, the picture says it all. And the funny thing is that on the door of each room, they have a cleaning and disinfection schedule. You think its not funny? Here comes the funny part- the cleaning its every 2 hours with three types of methods. I wonder when they do it, or maybe the fairies do it, with the invisible dust. Moldova- amazing land!


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