Between past and future…


It may sound out of this world or surreal but it’s actually the best day to think about that, and to realize that it is really happening! It’s just between two minutes, between two short seconds, that the whole year is changed, from 2014 we go to 2015! Just like that! Everyone thinks about the past year, and makes new targets and goals for the next one: be a better person; work twice as hard; help others; say more often that you love your close ones, etc.
I bet that it will be quite a story/book if someone will gather all the wishes and New Years Resolutions! I think it will be really inspiring.
It’s a really powerful day today! It changes a lot not only in the calendar, but also in our lives. I bet that if someone will do a research about when people tend to be better and more thoughtful , it will be at the beginning of the new year!

Today, for me, it three times a better day! It’s is New Years Eve – a day that I celebrate as good as I can! It’s my birthday – I am a New Years baby 🙂 and it’s also the day that I started a new episode in my life- I have a wonderful relation with my special person that I love so much! ❤️

It is a special day! And it should be one for everyone! It marks an ending and a new beginning, it makes you feel more powerful than ever! So let’s be happy on this day, and let’s enjoy every second of it!

Happy New Year!!

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