Monochromatic life…


It’s funny how these things go… I remember that when I was a kid, my dad loved tacking pictures of everything, especially with his kids. ( like all parents I guess) He had a lot of cameras, he was very passionate about photography and that made him buy and own at least 4 different cameras, which 30 -40 years ago meant something! I remember that he had also a T-shirt printing machine so you can make T-shirts with your picture on it.
Anyways, coming back to what I wanted to say, about photography, it’s the black and white photos that are much more interesting to me than the color ones. I would say actually that the photos are made to be black and white and only the paintings are in need of color!
The black and white photography has something that colors can’t give you – they capture in one shot the entire world. It’s like it has a soul of its own, an art for only the gifted people that can understand it up to its core. Maybe cause I am closer to the black and white photos as I grew up, or just because it looks a lot simpler, or it’s just the wordless feeling that tells me a true story, but i’ll never trade : a good black and white photo for ten colorful ones. And seeing this article on website made my point even stronger! 

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