New era of Advertising?


Am I too old?

I was doing my morning routine – running in the park, listening to music on the radio from my phone, when I heard (felt) a very interesting approach of marketing. Why felt? Its because I literally felt the message of the advertiser. It was a commercial from Esurance with not only a good copywriting, but also has a great delivery of the the message to the client.
Lets face it! Who gives a damn of those 15 sec of commercial when you are listening a powerful and engaging music, when you are trying to run your 5k or 10k? The only thing that you are thinking of, is how annoying it is and how can you skip it or to go faster, cause it’s bothering your running mood. 

Even I, for example, I  know to appreciate a good commercial, and looking for something inspiring, still I don’t like when there is a commercial break when I am listening to music. But when I first heard this commercial, it got me realize that I’m way out of it, that suddenly I woke up ten years older and I am out of practice as a marketing/ advertising person. Seriously, I have been out of practice one year, meaning that I am not working in marketing for a year, but it I always try to keep up with the new things that come out for the advertising and marketing sector. After this, it got me thinking that I haven’t really do a great job on keeping up with the latest news and trends.
The ad comes out of the ordinary right from the beginning, when you can hear the so called Left Brain “talking” in your left ear only (earbud ) and then the Right Brain in your right ear, and it goes back and forth, delivering the message. It gets your attention right away, not because its interesting, but also because it kind of gives you a headache.
It’s a very interesting tool to delivery the message in a way that the receptor will actually listen to it. Lets face it, nowadays its very hard to impress the customer. He is targeted with so many commercials and ads, but he still finds a way to avoid it: TV recordings with fast-forward through the commercials; radio subscriptions to avoid the ad spots, etc, and it is kind of hard to catch his attention when by accident, he hears your ad. Now, that the ad it’s a little annoying, it’s a different story. This back and forth talking in one ear and then in the other it can give you a real headache (in other words, catches your attention 🙂 ). I actually saw a feedback to the company that the ad it’s creative indeed, but it’s irritating.
Just to let you know, your “Right brain, left brain” ad spots on Spotify give me a headache. While I applaud the creativity…. they kinda hurt my head. Keep up the good work“. 

Also, if we are in the “right and left ” area, I couldn’t mention the amazing Mercedes creative ad. I don’t really think there are any connection between them, but the execution is amazing! That proves once more that the most simple and common ideas are the best ones!
Everyone knows that there is two sides of every story/brain, but there is always a way to find the best compromise in order to prosper! Well, I guess that both of them did find it, and they didn’t have to search to far – it was in the left and the right brain 🙂


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