Here I have to say about my life experience, about what I did that gives me the moral right to express myself on this blog. Actually, I don’t have too much life experience; I was born in ’87, and I don’t know if my English is ok and literate… So, I don’t have the right to say anything?   No way!!

When I was younger, when I was 6th or 7th grade, I started  my artistic childhood career. This may look like nonsense, but I was almost the only pupil in class that had the guts to get on the stage and do something. I loved to dance, so I danced!            A little later, I loved to design cloth. I remember I had a full folder of black and white pencil made sketches of clothing for girls. They were pretty good, and actually I sewed a dress   by one of those sketches, a dress that I wore on a big night – Meeting with the graduates of our high school. Then, I fell in love, a childish love, (now I can say that I was too naive) and I wrote a story based on that love, a story that only two persons read: me and my sister. I almost forgot about that period of my life, now I remember and I smile ironically, asking myself: it was really me?

Well, after high school graduation, I was so insecure about what I should do. I wanted so much to go to the law university, but I didn’t got the chance, so I went to Marketing, at Academy of Economic Studies. I can’t say that it wasn’t a good choice, I like it, but I am not too happy about the ASEM. Is not what I expected.  But thanks to it, I found out about AIESEC– the International Platform of Young People for Developing Their Leadership Potential.  I joined this organization in fall 2008. Here I found out a lot of useful things about leadership, striving for excellence, commitment to result, innovation, responsibility and more. I joined the Communication Department and Public Relation Team, becoming later the PR team Leader.

Also I was for four months in North Conway, NH, USA. There I found new good friends. I found out new stuff there. Who wouldn’t?! Is a different world  out there!


2 thoughts on “Experience

  1. cristina J

    nice love story…..i remember my favorite was ” Living in Moldova is a pleasure or a necessity” That was a really interesting sotry……………………………i miss u lil’ sis!

  2. jalbalilia

    yes.. too bad I lost the article…. I could have posted here…

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