My Dreams

Hmmm… Here definitely I have what to say, who doesn’t?!  I think this is the only subject for a book that has no ending.  Here the imagination can go wild!!!

I have a lot of dreams. There are so messed up that I even don’t know from where to begin. So I think I will start from when I was a little girl.  Then I hadn’t too much expectations, I remember that my brother used to say that when he will grow up, he will become an aviator, and he will go to the sunny places and will bring me exotic fruits, but only if  I will behave.  So one of my dream was that he would bring me a lot of bananas, kiwi and oranges. Well, I grew up, so my dreams became more complicated, demanding. Funny, but I wasn’t pleased anymore only with a couple of fruits.

to be continue…


2 thoughts on “My Dreams

  1. cristina J

    hehehhe…funny that i,m not includet in your dreamsssss…hehhehe

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