I am an ordinary girl.  What else to write?

Am I an ordinary girl?

Actually, my family says that I am a little complicated, a little somehow, but no way an ordinary girl. I start to think now, and probably there is no person that is plane simple.  Everyone has their habits, their hobbies, which makes them different from others. If everyone would be simple, than no way they would be different, right? So I am not a simple girl. So, how am I?

Well, for sure I can tell that I am a girl that likes boys, music, dance, but this is not all.  I am a person that likes to dream a lot, but that doesn’t mean that I am too naïve or something. It’s just that I want too much from life, and when that something is not yet mine, I dream about what it will be if I succeed in that. This gives me strength and will to makes new strategies to achieve that goal, or at least to strive for excellence and be a better person. For someone this may seam like bull, but is not for me! Usually I try to seem like a strong person, but I don’t know that I am a good actress, I wasn’t  nominated yet  to any award what  so ever, so this is still pending. What I definitely know that I am, is a good person, a person that cares about the people surrounding me, people that respect me. From all the human values, I cherish the most the respect for the people, cause this is the most important, this is that thing that keeps the engine running, if you know what I mean. You can love and care about someone so much, but with no respect, this can turn into   an unpleasant relationship, cause love and passion is not too far from hate, jealousy and suspicion.

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