New era of Advertising?


Am I too old?

I was doing my morning routine – running in the park, listening to music on the radio from my phone, when I heard (felt) a very interesting approach of marketing. Why felt? Its because I literally felt the message of the advertiser. It was a commercial from Esurance with not only a good copywriting, but also has a great delivery of the the message to the client.
Lets face it! Who gives a damn of those 15 sec of commercial when you are listening a powerful and engaging music, when you are trying to run your 5k or 10k? The only thing that you are thinking of, is how annoying it is and how can you skip it or to go faster, cause it’s bothering your running mood. 

Even I, for example, I  know to appreciate a good commercial, and looking for something inspiring, still I don’t like when there is a commercial break when I am listening to music. But when I first heard this commercial, it got me realize that I’m way out of it, that suddenly I woke up ten years older and I am out of practice as a marketing/ advertising person. Seriously, I have been out of practice one year, meaning that I am not working in marketing for a year, but it I always try to keep up with the new things that come out for the advertising and marketing sector. After this, it got me thinking that I haven’t really do a great job on keeping up with the latest news and trends.
The ad comes out of the ordinary right from the beginning, when you can hear the so called Left Brain “talking” in your left ear only (earbud ) and then the Right Brain in your right ear, and it goes back and forth, delivering the message. It gets your attention right away, not because its interesting, but also because it kind of gives you a headache.
It’s a very interesting tool to delivery the message in a way that the receptor will actually listen to it. Lets face it, nowadays its very hard to impress the customer. He is targeted with so many commercials and ads, but he still finds a way to avoid it: TV recordings with fast-forward through the commercials; radio subscriptions to avoid the ad spots, etc, and it is kind of hard to catch his attention when by accident, he hears your ad. Now, that the ad it’s a little annoying, it’s a different story. This back and forth talking in one ear and then in the other it can give you a real headache (in other words, catches your attention 🙂 ). I actually saw a feedback to the company that the ad it’s creative indeed, but it’s irritating.
Just to let you know, your “Right brain, left brain” ad spots on Spotify give me a headache. While I applaud the creativity…. they kinda hurt my head. Keep up the good work“. 

Also, if we are in the “right and left ” area, I couldn’t mention the amazing Mercedes creative ad. I don’t really think there are any connection between them, but the execution is amazing! That proves once more that the most simple and common ideas are the best ones!
Everyone knows that there is two sides of every story/brain, but there is always a way to find the best compromise in order to prosper! Well, I guess that both of them did find it, and they didn’t have to search to far – it was in the left and the right brain 🙂


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Monochromatic life…


It’s funny how these things go… I remember that when I was a kid, my dad loved tacking pictures of everything, especially with his kids. ( like all parents I guess) He had a lot of cameras, he was very passionate about photography and that made him buy and own at least 4 different cameras, which 30 -40 years ago meant something! I remember that he had also a T-shirt printing machine so you can make T-shirts with your picture on it.
Anyways, coming back to what I wanted to say, about photography, it’s the black and white photos that are much more interesting to me than the color ones. I would say actually that the photos are made to be black and white and only the paintings are in need of color!
The black and white photography has something that colors can’t give you – they capture in one shot the entire world. It’s like it has a soul of its own, an art for only the gifted people that can understand it up to its core. Maybe cause I am closer to the black and white photos as I grew up, or just because it looks a lot simpler, or it’s just the wordless feeling that tells me a true story, but i’ll never trade : a good black and white photo for ten colorful ones. And seeing this article on website made my point even stronger! 

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St. Augustine, FL USA

If you ask me now who was my favorite teacher in school, the first one that pops out in my head is – the history teacher.IMG_0188.JPG Of course she wasn’t the only one, I got along with all me teachers, liked them all, my mother was one of them after all! And I love my mom, not only as a mother, but as a teacher as well, she is the best, but when it comes to my history teacher it’s different. She build my passion and love for history and legends. Or was it the opposite way? The fact that I love history so much, made me like her too?
Anyway, my point is, that I love history, legends, myths and all these secrets related to actual people that walked on earth or heaven. You may say that they are not related to each other, but for me- they sure are.
So, stating that, my special person made me a surprise and arranged a short trip to the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States – St. Augustine, FL.IMG_0181.JPG
What can I say, it was amazing. (And forgive me in advance if I will use this word way too much… 🙂 ). The city is not that far from where we live, it’s like 1.5 hours, but he rented a hotel room, to stay over night, meet some friends, have a good time. Goal achieved !
We checked in at noon, and went to discover the stunning city, that already gave me chills – So much history in just a few square miles….
We started with the fort, On the edge of the ocean, it’s like a big warning sign-be aware! It has the spirit of history, the spirit of the people that lived, fought and died there, for what they believed it was the right thing! It wasn’t a good weather and the right day, but as I understood, the people on the fort organized a whole act with actual soldier in the costumes from that time frame, sitting proudly at their posts.IMG_0184.JPG
Then right on the other side of the road is the rest of the St. Augustine jewelry!
Its like a gap in the middle of the city, where time is not changed! Literally, it’s a square plaza where are still the gift shops and the restaurants that hints to that era, and on the walls of the buildings, are small posters that informs you about this place, with maps, places and personalities.
The first thing that caught my eye was the Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse. It is touted as being the oldest wooden school building in the United States, first documented in tax report in 1716. It was weird to me to see it all surrounded in a huge steal chain. Why? IMG_0479.JPGThan I found out that that chain there prevents the building to be blown out by a hurricane. Yes, seams incredible, but that how it is.
Than we went to a gypsy place. You might ask me what is a gypsy store doing there? Well, I’m from a country with a lot of gypsies, and even if there are a lot of rumors about them and from where they are coming from, nobody really knows. I noticed a lot of similarities between them and a mix of Spanish/Latino/indian traditions, and at that time, St Augustine was a colony of the Spanish crown before the British took it over.
Then I had a glimpse of the Pirates of the Caribbean 🙂 not a joke, I saw the Black Pearl… we’ll it may be not really The Pearl, but sure it looked like it. It was a ship from the seventeenth or sixteenth century anchored to the shore. I assume it was from the conquistadors era, when Spanish and some of the European nations where the masters of the ocean to find new lands. The ship gave me chills, it was like a ghost boat that appeared between the new modern boats and yachts next to the shore line.

IMG_0480.JPGAs you can guess already, there were also a lot of Spanish places, food and stores around. Everything made it seem more real and more close to the seventeenth century. An we were getting hungry 🙂 our friends already arrived and met with us, and now we needed to find a good place to eat. Even if in the sixteenth century there were no phones and internet, we used yelp to find a good restaurant in the old St Augustine. It was Catch 27, a place with only a few tables, if I remember well – 6 tables. That shouldn’t tell much about the restaurant, cause the food was out of this world.

It was a great time spent with friends and maybe with some of the ghosts from there that were having fun with the tourists every nights !


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Key west (II)

Even though it’s was a short trip/ vacation in Key West, and mostly doing wedding stuff, there is not enough space here to describe it. I mentioned the first things that got me all excited about the place, but that is far from the only ones, or the best ones!
IMG_0468-1.JPGThe schedule was pretty tight, at least enough for me- the girl that never been to an American-on-the-beach wedding. From where I come from, the guests at the wedding show up at the big wedding party, drink, eat and go home. This one was different. We met with the rest of the guest and family a couple days before the big day on the roof top of the hotel to see the famous sunset. Then the next day we had the rehearsal dinner, where we were announced about a city quest contest. The very next day we started already to complete the commands on the quest sheet. This is the part that I liked the most! Before coming here all I knew was that Key West it’s a very hot touristic point at the moment ( this time of the year), now after that quest, I found out more than I know about my home town :)))
We visited the house of Ernest Hemingway, saw the six towed cat, saw the little White House, the mile zero, the most southern point of US, the headquarters of PanAm airways, Z. Taylor port, the closest Cuban bar to Cuba (90miles)…. And much more fun stuff. Basically, in one day, we discovered the city, that normal people do it in one week :).
I liked also the specific local bars and gift shops. We’ll, of course, in a hot travel destination, what else can they have 🙂 . IMG_0466-0.JPGClose to the house we rented, there was the Bahamas Bob’s bar, or at least this name I remember :))) here I drank the best mojito and the best tornado or hurricane cocktail ( or some sort of wheatear storm thing 🙂 )
Oh, must not forget!!! I was DUI !!! I was driving my bicycle after all these cocktails :)) was pretty amazing ! Not the DUI part, God forbid! The amazing part was the fun, the laughter, the ability of 4 buzzed(cause it’s too harsh to say -drunk) adults, on bicycles with a puppy in the front basket at 1 AM.

Then it came the wedding day. Of course it was perfect! The nice weather, the beach, the cool breeze… the white dress……the white dress… No other words can descrise it better!


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Madame Bijoux in real life?

20140513-001914.jpgI always wondered if movies or real life is one and the same…. Which inspired which?!
As I was sitting in the restaurant one evening, across the bar, there was one lady that caught my eye. She was in her 60’s, I guess. She was wearing a beautiful green dress, that showed her great body ( for her age). The earrings – a bright gold with green little stones, they were hanging down like a chandelier. She didn’t have a necklace, but the golden watch on her right wrist was shining brighter than the sun, that has already set. At her both hands she had at least two rings, golden rings. One had a red stone, as like it was out of its place in all that green and golden aura. There was no ring on the ring finger though… It’s not that it meant something, but later on I was actually thinking about that finger.
So, as I was saying, she got my attention. It’s not cause it was weird or something, it’s because it gave me the feeling of deja vu. Is it because I have seen her before? Did I? Now that I think more about it, I realized that I have seen her before… She comes almost every night, around 5 PM, every time is well dressed. I mean black tie dressed! It’s not like it’s inappropriate, a lot of restaurant’s customers are well dressed, but she, I think she is a little overdressed. Every time wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, jewelry and great hairstyle! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention about her hairstyle : every time she has the hair – perfectly straight and only the ends curled outward, reminding me of the vintage hair styles.
She was alone the whole time she stood there drinking her Petit Syrah red wine, off course testing it before ( every time asking to taste it before she has it). She was chatting a little with the people surrounding her, but not for long, then having a cup of coffee, black, as she was exchanging some words with the bartender, laughing a little on the bartenders “tip me” jokes. And at last, having a water with lemon until she pays the bill. Sometimes she has a light dinner, but I guess today wasn’t the case.
So, I try to figure out why its so deja vu, why I have the feeling that it’s so familiar to me. I have seen here the other nights, but it’s not it! I have this picture in my mind, a sketch of an old lady with a hat and a lot of jewelry sitting at a dining table. From which book is that? I have a good visual memory, but a bad name memory, I guess. I started to look on the web, and it was there – it wasn’t a book, it was a story from the movie “Titanic”. It was the story behind the drawing that Jack had of an old lady called Madame Bijoux- the lady that was waiting for her long lost love….
Is it the same here? That’s where I go back to that ring finger that had no ring….
I wonder – is she the real life Madame Bijoux? Is that one of the last joys of life: getting all dressed up and waiting that one day it may get more interesting than that?

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Key West, FL (I)

Who doesnt Love to travel ? Most of all as an escape from an horrible winter? I had the chance to go in the most popular vacation place in the winter time- Key West, Florida. A bright sun, a great beach and blue ocean, an amazing breeze and a good company – the Key of a great vacation!!
During the month of February in Massachusetts it’s quite cold, but this year was terrible! The real North Pole:) I guess was a late Christmas wish of a kid to extend the winter of a little bit more, so that Santa can come again to his house….. And I love winter, but even for me was too much!
So, back to the main topic – I got an invitation to a wedding in Key West, FL. At first I thought that I won’t know anyone there, and it won’t be that fun… But who can refuse a week in Key West? … And on the other side, it gave me the opportunity to get to know the person I was going with.

20140505-155430.jpgFlorida, here I come !!!!
I had to do some packing and that was it!! It’s really hard to pack for summer when you are in winter… It was like I’ve forgot how warm or hot is summer… The weather forecast didn’t tell me much.. How to remember how hot is 80* when it’s been 20* for so long?!
Anyway, as I arrived in Orlando, I still had to go shopping. Yey!!!!!

Key West.

Everyone told me that the Keys are really nice, but as I got there I realized that they were wrong!!!! It was AMAZING !
It was my first in an exotic city/town, and I’m sure that it had its part in that AMAZING, but it was really gorgeous – perfect!
20140505-154348.jpgThe sun was right in the middle of the sky, shining like there is no tomorrow, the light breeze brought the beach and ocean a step closer to us, and the palm trees… Oh, the palm trees…. They really had coconut !! The more we got in to the city, the more the child inside me cried: coconut, coconut… ( and I don’t even like them so much)
After we settled in the little house we rented, we went to get more familiar with the city. We had a few hours until the dinner at the roof top of the hotel, with the wedding guests, so we walked around on the streets of Key West. They have small streets, fully packed with little souvenir shops and bars for different parts of the world: France, Cuba, Italy, Mexico. I will try to get more detailed about the specific and amazing things that key west is famous for in the next post, right now I will try to describe if I’ll can, the most perfect sunset that I have seen – on the roof top hotel .
It was like the sun was sinking in the ocean, splashing all over the sky red, orange and purple paint. My boyfriend told me that this is one of the things that Key West was famous for. This wasn’t just perfect, it was out of this world. While the ocean hugs the sun, your special person hugs you!


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Oh, these exams….


Yesterday were announced the final exams grades, and for the first time (as far as I know) 42% of the high school students failed on it.  This year the Ministry of Education implemented new measures in order to reduce the possibility of cheating on the exams, they placed video recording system in all the exam centers. Well, I am not going to lie, at the beginning I wasn’t a big fan of this measure. I mean, come on you actually think that they will supervise and if necessary re-watch the video recording for each center? This is only a facade, I thought.

Well it actually worked: the students’ weren’t able to cheat, and almost half of them haven’t passed the exams. I guess even if the video recording wouldn’t work, only the thought of being installed, it made students think that they can get caught.  I guess our Ministry of Education was inspired by P. Coleho book, when he gave an amazing example of a gallows in the center of a city just to scare the people in becoming good persons. “It isn’t the desire to abide by the law that makes everyone behave as society requires, but the fear of punishment.”

Well now, guess what? Every politician in the country or so called person of interest in this matter tries to spin this around just to get some attention. Pathetic!!  You see, almost half of the students haven’t passed the exams, its outrageous!! Even if they don’t know s***t, they have to pass it!

Seriously?!  There are countries (like Romania) that each year is like this, and isn’t that much of a tragedy! Here, they ask for the resignation of Ministry of Education (as I saw today a protest of a group of a few people on the street, Russians, but this is another topic)

This is a true reflection of their work and study during these three years of high school! They didn’t passed the exams because they were to busy to stay on FB or other web sites, instead of solving math problems; they were to busy strolling in clubs instead of learning geography; or to busy of practicing anatomy instead of studying it.

Past generations studied hard for their exams! These generations, when you ask them something: Oh please let me check on the internet!  Interesting, when some one of them will become a doctor, during the surgery, will he or she have access to internet in the ER? Or in the future everything is possible just that the students don’t have to bother to pass the exams…

Not all of them are like this- not willing to learn, I admit, but at least 42% of them. Oh wait, 42% of the students haven’t passed the exams this year… well isn’t this amazing!

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Well, today wasn’t one of my best days… I had stomach flu, and I couldn’t even get up from my bed. I remembered that once I started to write poetry,when i was sad, or sick…, well, today I couldn’t even say my name, nevertheless to think up some poems. But i found the old notebook with the poems, in romanian, that are more than 8 years old… Hope you’ll like it. ( some are sad, as you figured)

Eu zbor
As vrea sa pot zbura…
Peste clipe, peste ani,
Peste viata-mi
As vrea sa pot zbura!
Aripile se-ntind usor
Sa-mi iau avant
De pe pamant
Ca o pasare spre cer sa zbor!
Sa ajung la stele as vrea
Dusa de vant
De la pamant
Sa culeg deacolo o stea!


Aud un sunet care ma orbeste
Vad o limina care m-asurzeste,
Simt o raceala care ma frige,
Si in acest haos imi dau seama
Ca viata mea se stinge.

Pune-ti o dorinta

Sunt clipe cand
Ma gandesc ca rostul nostru
E sa fim pamant.
Dar oare acest gand,
Nu ne stopeaza,
Si involuntar devenim pamant?
Ce ar fi de noi
Vom gandi
In fiecare zi
Ca suntem niste nori?
Ce ar fi daca,
Vom gandi
In fiecare zi
Ca suntem apa?
Oare daca vom pune ca scop
Ca peste un timp
Atunci cand dorim
Vom deveni noi foc?
Astfel, doar dorindu-ti
Invata ca poti fi orice, oricine!
Dar atunci cand esti ceea ce vrei,
Nu uita de TINE!

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