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Moldova and Customer Care: where is the connection?!?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, I appreciate it, I’m grateful to it because it taught me all that I know, made me all that I am now. Actually, that’s the main reason- the respect and love for my country-  why I’m trying to say all this, all that I thing its wrong with it, hoping to help it to do better! Is like a little child, that when you know that he is wrong, you try to show it to him, to explain to him exactly  what is not good, so that next time to do better. And it’s not that I am  so omniscient and all-knowing person, it’s just that I am like :I notice that and I have to say it! So here what I saw during 21 years (for now) living in my country. Maybe everyone already noticed all that I’m trying to say, but sometimes it seems like it’s been there for all that I can remember, so maybe that’s the way it should be. Maybe that is better for everyone. I don’t know about you, but till now I  it was to many “maybe”s  for me, and it’s not the way it should be! That’s for sure!

Even  I was a little girl, I remember that when I used to go to the central store from my village, it was my lucky day. Finally, I will eat something sweet, like a candy, chocolate or ice cream. It was great, I went there, the salespersons knew me (cause it is a small village, so everyone knows each other), and they smile to me, asked me nicely about what I wanted, even though I was to undecided yet about my wishes, and at the end, they sold to me not only the candy, but also a good mood. Sure, I was feeling great going there next time. However, the fact is that I was a child, so I did not know about costumer service or something like that, and I went there because it was the only big store from there. I didn’t have a choice. Nevertheless, even that didn’t stop the salesperson to act nice, or at least normal with a client. In addition, here I come now, in different time, different location, and sure, different situation! Going shopping in the Central market of the city, It  was a shock… the salesperson tells me to “move away from her table” because I block her products from being seen by the cust0mers… so, here I’m asking myself – what was I then? A walking Barbie-puppet, that went shopping for her dream house? It’s ridiculous! And if that wasn’t enough. In public transport, going back home, the ticket woman  makes such a scandal for something insignificant that all the bus was converting in a lousy box- scandal with no ending….  The list could continue on and forth… and not with my impressions only, but including the others also.

Therefore, after all I’ve learned  in those three years at university, the only thing I witnessed, is that Moldova and customer care is not related. According to the “Theory “of customer care, or the most important rule of marketing, I should stay in my own house, to not by anything, to not go anywhere with public transportation, to not use the phone and other utilities that are connected with customer care and services. That will include to interact with someone that doesn’t know nothing about Marketing or customer care, so therefore, as a customer I will not buy the service from irresponsible vendors. So where is the 21st century with the  new perspective on marketing? Definitely, I –the consumer, am NOT the king! I am just an automatic robot that buys all that  it needs to survive, without any control on the market. And that is not customer care!

And, wait, is not done yet. The most hilarious thing is when you go to the information desk, at the Ministry of Information Development  from Moldova, asking to give you a simple information you need, that it’s their job to offer to you, to explain to you all that you need(because it’s not your fault for being a little soft-headed). So how they react when you ask more than one question? Hmm… Not like they should act! It’s like they are doing you a favor, that all the words that comes out from their mouth are counted. That’s stupid! In addition, the most idiotic thing, it’s that here, almost everyone thinks that this is the way they should act. So, there is no complaining in the complain register, there is no “ not came here again “ after experiencing an situation mentioned before, no client digression in the  store  due the personnel  inappropriate behavior. So why the marketing director from here, studied consumer behavior to analyze something that it doesn’t even happening?

So what happened to “ the customer is the king – we are here to serve him” ? what happened with that smile and welcome face of the supply representative, that should contribute to the increase of the consumers satisfaction?  Why to do all that if the consumer already comes to you even though you are not treating him like you should? I guess that is not possible, but believe me, in Moldova, there is! At least for aged and public institutions, there is, cause the new enterprises are trying to avoid that… but they have to work much harder on it!

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