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Advertising love…?


I don’t want to look like an hypocrite, saying stuff that are not true about me. Its because  I have been there and I can look back and see the changes and the diferent person that I am now.

I have been there. Not necessary saying (bragging about) things that weren’t true or real (or at least in the same area code), but specifically, waiting for something good to happen in order to post it on social media. Of course I was happy and grateful about whatever good happened to me, but it was like having more fun posting it out there!! Well, you have to give me credit too, I was just a kid with different priorities…

Now, I rarely use the social media, just to connect with friends (and find out what they are bragging about, LOL). Anyway, today is a
special day for me (and my better half) and looking back to our relationship I know that now I am truly happy that I have finally found  THE better half of me.  So, I’ve been thinking, are we actually happy? Cause we are not posting every day a new picture of us loving each other, on Facebook,  we don’t check in every weekend somewhere,  when we do something fun, enjoying each others company, etc. Is that the way to measure  the “happiness” and the “successfulness” of nowadays couples? Is it that we have arrived at the point when social media bragging is just a daily basis activity, that shows  us if we are successful or not? Is it living in a “sell-buy” world , now we need to advertise love in order to get a better self-esteem, to sell a better relationship/life ?

I read a few studies on this matter, and most of them say actually, that most of the people with  low confidence and self-esteem,  tend to boost their relationship / life  on social media.

Research from Albright College in Pennsylvania has revealed that individuals high in Relationship Contingent Self-Esteem – a type of low self-esteem centered on how your relationship is going – are more inclined to post affectionate content, such as posts acknowledging ‘the best boyfriend in the world’ or other declarations of happiness.”

I am not trying to be sarcastic, saying  that only phony people post stuff on Facebook. Its not true. As  MUHAMMAD ALI, said in 7 Steps to Bragging the Right Way “It’s not bragging if you can back it up” there are genuinely happy people that when something really important for them happens, its going to be posted on Facebook. But lets be honest, I am sure that I am not the only one that have those annoying friends that probably the only thing that they don’t post on Facebook is when they go to the bathroom! (Sorry for my French)

I happened to meet a few people that shattered my knowledge about real true love. And I am not talking about the ones that, around friends try to be the couple of the century,  I am talking about those, who in a completely strange crowd, or in the comfort of their own home and intimacy, they are the couple that share the love of the century!

Working in a restaurant a few hours a week, also gives me the opportunity to study people in different moments (as a intimate couple surrounded by careless strangers; or the couple surrounded by their friends or other family). I had a call for a reservation from a guy that made my day! He called for a reservation for their 15 years anniversary, and the way he talked about his wife, about organizing this surprise for his love, made my heart smile. That is true love, after 15 years I could still feel his love for his wife. You hink that 15 years is a lot? Hm, while a couple was waiting for their table (about 30 min) we alked about them and how much the enjoy doing different things together. And the way they talked about each other was so welcoming and warm, and I was a complete strange, that didn’t care about their perfect relationship. They were genuinely happy….  Every time they come, they are holding their hands, and stilling kisses from each other. They’ve been married for  47.  That is a strong love!

 So, back to my point – is advertising love a new thing today? Is it that nowadays,  flashing a perfect life story in the faces of our friends, the main thing to do? Wasn’t this the Disney’s fairytales job?   Cause its just getting depressing….. Seriously, It makes you wonder if you are the only one that doesn’t have a perfect life!but lets not forget that people usually post only  the best moments. So its kind of wrong to compare your “back stage” life with the “on stage” life of the others…  And we need to remember that nobody is perfect no matter how much they try to pretend to be on social media or even real life !!!

P.S. Even though I dont post pictures or stats that shows how happy I am, I i am really happy and in love right now!!! 🙂 just saying ….:) 

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Competition: Good or Bad?


It wasn’t like now, recently, I started to ask myself this question, it didn’t just hit me. Many times I was thinking about this, but just recently I saw an actual example, that made me realize that it’s a good subject for discussion. And, yes, it wasn’t just me that thought about this, many other people talked about the effects of the competition, others even wrote full papers and dissertations  on this subject.

We see competition in everything that we do during a normal day in our lives. Starting with the same race at the bathroom in the morning, continuing with the “who’s going to be the first at the street light” or at work, and ending with that special person whom you try your best to impress. This is not just an homo sapiens thing, there is no point to be arrogant about this,  its relevant for all of the species on the planet. 

So the case that got me thinking this time about this, and the effect that has on subjects (human or otherwise) was about two acquaintances of mine – two partners of a restaurant business. They’ve been together for over 7 years, opened two successful restaurants, and after all this time decided to go separate ways. Now, the time for changes came.  Its like a competition: who gets the most of the regular clients, who proves that is the best and it is better at this, than the other… I know that its kind of harsh, and this is what competition is all about, but they act like little kids that are trying to prove they are good, so the mommy will give the candy to one of them.

What is wrong in doing changes? Nothing! Its just kind of fake… up until now, there were no changes, and even if there were any requests for that, it wasn’t possible or somehow it was way too expensive. Now, after they split, everything is possible. Could this be just because now they have a clear task: you’ve got this, I’ve got that, and each one makes its one decisions and is the leader of a specific part of the business?

Is competition hand in hand with leadership? Or without one, the other can’t exist? According to social darwinists, the competition has its main goal or effect the determination of the best one from the group (politically, economically, biologically, or otherwise).
So, if that is true, we do need competition in order to see which one is the leader. That’s how we came in this world, that’s in our blood. We evolved to “homo sapiens” through competition and leadership: we competed for our territory, for our food, for our mates. Even our reproductive cells compete between them. The only thing we do not have in our blood is the ability to stay human in a competition. Coming back to my case that brought me here, I realized why Gandhi was not to in to competition. He speaks more of egoistic competition, that can lead to violence, conflict or destructiveness.  Only one of the managers mentioned before saw this competitiveness more  through its ego. Yes, he is trying to do best, and to prove that his  leadership is the one of a true nature, but the way I see it, its just someone a little frustrated that things didn’t go his way, and now he needs to prove himself more for its ego not for the best of his business.  This brings me to my opening quote: “competition brings the best in our business/products, but
the worse in people”.

Yes, competition is something that we have to deal with everyday! Its not just necessary, its in our blood – we cant run from it! Most of the time it’s a good thing, because it brings the best in what we do, and in what we are, but we do need to be very careful not to mix it with egoism, jealousy, and hate, otherwise we become worse than animals. For example: two lions will fight for their territory, for their food, for their mates, but they will never, at one point, go in a different heard to fight, just because they feel like it. And that is why some people, that see competitiveness through their ego are worse than any other animal on the planet.

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Read me some…

I know, that’s probably the most “cliche” thing to say, but today,  I bumped in to an article on one of my favorite sites about art and life,, that reminded me about one of the most important joy of life – books.

read me some

Its not that I didn’t know that already, I am sure that everyone knows that, but its the quote that it was used caught my eye and mind.  It was a quote by Albert Einstein. He was asked once how we could make our children intelligent. His reply was both simple and wise. “If you want your children to be intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”  …Could it be as simple as that?

Than I remembered of myself as a kid, in a time and place that books were not quite everywhere. In a time and place that was still in between the big changes, not only for the country, but for the books as well : change of the alphabet, change of the ideology of what you can or can not read, change of the folk stories and ferry tales. But still, I was entertained every night by a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing fairy tales, told by my loving and great father. (I remember so clear one of my favorite stories,  with a white horse and a brave little boy that unlike his older brothers, in a very skillful way, overcome all the obstacles to get the girl he loved. I admit, my father was one hell of a story teller, even now he can tell it to you as if he is living it!) He did like to read, and because of that we had home a mini library, that I always invaded to look at the books. I didn’t understand most of it, they where in Cyrillic ( Slavic alphabet). Still, I was inspired to read or discover. I knew I wanted more…

Then, came the school years, so many books, and frankly not to much will to read but more will to watch TV instead… I did my mandatory school readings, but that was all… until I found a book* ( or it found me…) – my first book that I read without anyone telling me to do so. It reminded me about that fantastic world that books together with my imagination open up! So many books that I read, taught me so many things! Taught me how to believe and care, taught me how to trust and hope, taught to fight and to want more. Its funny that for a few good days I didn’t  even remembered the name of that first book, though I remember every detail of its cover and the stories in it. How weird is that? Maybe all I have to remember about it, is that it made me to want to read more and more, and to be thankful for that.

We should read more, we all should show to our kids that besides TV and phone there is an other world out there, like my father showed me that I can do get to my happy ending. A fascinating world that builds us from inside out, makes us more emphatic, and helps us escape the harshness of our real world, by teaching us how to act, how to be more intelligent or skillful, to overcome all of our obstacles in life… for a better life!

*the book is called “Crime and Science” by Jurgen Thorwald – a fascinated book that could replace any time all this crime TV Shows, and that inspired movies (ex. “The fugitive” with Harrison Ford) article
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Moldova-amazing land! Is it?

I was born in Moldova. And no matter what, I am proud to be from around here. But sometimes its just to much to handle….. That’s why I thought to start a series of shorts stories about the real life in my country.
Life’s hard, as my boss says to me all the time. These days I ” had the honor” to go in a district hospital, to meet with a few doctors from there. The condition that my mother has, forced her to make an appointment with the doctor, in order to figure out what to do further. We came in the big city, thinking that the doctors here have at least a small idea of how a patient should be treated. Yeah right! They had a quick look, and sent her back to the district hospital, saying that they don’t treat patients with this kind of condition, its a simple thing, so it can be treated in a district hospital. That’s it! No diagnostic, no analyzes, no nothing! Oh, yes, I forgot – a simple look of and “expert” and that’s it. All right, I get it, you must think that its a simple thing, like a rash, or a small infection, or a flu. It isn’t, it’s a surgical thing, at least that’s what the said. When I asked a simple thing like, to recheck, in order to be sure, to take some tissue sample, blood analyzes, the doctor made an angry face, pretending that didn’t understand- answering that she speaks/understand in russian! Seriously?!? Where do you think you are, my dear? Go treat Yeti in the freaking Siberia!
Well, the story doesn’t end here, I am so pissed right now, that probably I would say probably more bad things about her, than I should!
When we got in the district hospital, the surgeon said that the doctors from the city shouldn’t send her here, but if they did, she has to stay there, for a treatment. Stay where? Have he seen the conditions that the patients must live in? I would’t resist there a day, nevertheless a week. The rooms were for six patients, its ok, considering that there are not more than three or four patients in a room. The sheets ( in a surgical section!!) are yellow-ish, not because they like the color, but simply because the haven’t washed it for years. The smell there is unbearable, not because of the medicines or chemicals used for cleaning, but because they don’t clean at all! With the toilets, oh, I am even gonna go there, the picture says it all. And the funny thing is that on the door of each room, they have a cleaning and disinfection schedule. You think its not funny? Here comes the funny part- the cleaning its every 2 hours with three types of methods. I wonder when they do it, or maybe the fairies do it, with the invisible dust. Moldova- amazing land!


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Noe’s Arch!

It’s official! We live in the tropical region! Or at least this summer we do!  First, the entire month of May was almost full of rainy days and extremely hot sun, then were a couple of weeks of torrid sun, and now again rainy days. I am not complaining, I am not, but two day of non stop rain? Come on! May be its good for the plants, for the landscape, but not for the city!

Before all this interesting weather started, in May, I remember my parents were so eager to have some rainy days, because almost everything was getting dry and dusty. Not that I was bothered by the sunny weather, all previous summers here were like this, but every topic in the village was about it – The dry weather and the lack of the rain.

After that, a few weeks later, two weeks of heavy rain came! It rained so hard, that all the surface soil from the forest come in our garden. Some of my neighbors had their vegetables, from the up hill of the garden, delivered right in front of the door.

Coming back in the city, well wasn’t that much of a big difference: Here wasn’t a climate change, it was a change of the landscape – all the streets were transformed in rivers.

Well, the time passed and the sun came out from the clouds, shining all day long. Isn’t this a hell of an ending for a story? And as it frequently used in the movie world, it needed a sequel. Here it was – an amazing come back of the rivers in our beautiful city! Only this time they’ve decided to meet, and to make a small pound, called the new Chisinau.  And its funny, because just a few days before, I had a drink with a friend from Netherlands, and he explained that, no matter how much its raining out there, in a few seconds all the water disappears. And here an hour of raining the city becomes part of a biblical scene – the only thing that is missing – is the Noe’s Arch. Probably this will be more efficient to build than a good sewerage.

Chisinau, June 2013(3)

Chisinau, June 2013Chisinau, June 2013(2)

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Oh, these exams….


Yesterday were announced the final exams grades, and for the first time (as far as I know) 42% of the high school students failed on it.  This year the Ministry of Education implemented new measures in order to reduce the possibility of cheating on the exams, they placed video recording system in all the exam centers. Well, I am not going to lie, at the beginning I wasn’t a big fan of this measure. I mean, come on you actually think that they will supervise and if necessary re-watch the video recording for each center? This is only a facade, I thought.

Well it actually worked: the students’ weren’t able to cheat, and almost half of them haven’t passed the exams. I guess even if the video recording wouldn’t work, only the thought of being installed, it made students think that they can get caught.  I guess our Ministry of Education was inspired by P. Coleho book, when he gave an amazing example of a gallows in the center of a city just to scare the people in becoming good persons. “It isn’t the desire to abide by the law that makes everyone behave as society requires, but the fear of punishment.”

Well now, guess what? Every politician in the country or so called person of interest in this matter tries to spin this around just to get some attention. Pathetic!!  You see, almost half of the students haven’t passed the exams, its outrageous!! Even if they don’t know s***t, they have to pass it!

Seriously?!  There are countries (like Romania) that each year is like this, and isn’t that much of a tragedy! Here, they ask for the resignation of Ministry of Education (as I saw today a protest of a group of a few people on the street, Russians, but this is another topic)

This is a true reflection of their work and study during these three years of high school! They didn’t passed the exams because they were to busy to stay on FB or other web sites, instead of solving math problems; they were to busy strolling in clubs instead of learning geography; or to busy of practicing anatomy instead of studying it.

Past generations studied hard for their exams! These generations, when you ask them something: Oh please let me check on the internet!  Interesting, when some one of them will become a doctor, during the surgery, will he or she have access to internet in the ER? Or in the future everything is possible just that the students don’t have to bother to pass the exams…

Not all of them are like this- not willing to learn, I admit, but at least 42% of them. Oh wait, 42% of the students haven’t passed the exams this year… well isn’t this amazing!

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Branding for Moldova

Well, as I said in the last post, somehow we have to try to do some positive awareness form inside to outside, for a good branding. It’s a funny thing, but actually, me – hoping, well it actually worked. This year was different. It started with national flag branding. Of course, it wasn’t my hopes that change that, it was a TV campaign, but still it was something. A new TV Channel from MD, Publika TV launched a national campaign for all  people that are proud to be from Moldova. The basics of the campaign were to take a picture with our national flag and to send it to the channel. It didn’t matter if the picture is from MD or from the other side of the earth, it had to be creative, funny, and proving their love for our little country.

The idea was innovative and very “at the moment”, but I have my remarks about development of the campaign. From my point of view, the idea wasn’t developed through the end. When is announced a campaign like that, when the consumer, the public has to make some effort to do something, in this case to take a picture and to send it to an email address, only 10 % will do that in response of their sympathy or love  or … well, even I can’t find a good reason for that. The rest of the public will do that for a prize. In this case, Publika TV promised to show their photo on TV. That was it! Well, it’s a good idea, usually our ego – the chance of appearing on a TV channel- can be a good impulse to act, but it could gone better. First of all, the campaign was announced only on TV. There wasn’t any page on its website dedicated to the campaign (it was a national and international campaign), only the article posted among the other different articles and stories. Therefore, the audience for this was reduced. In addition, they didn’t post any picture on the web. More than a half that sent their picture didn’t see it – so it was no prize for them. The pictures were posted on TV, but only a few could see their photo, so it was a little disappointing. And yes, it was disappointing for me too, because I sent my picture, and I didn’t have the chance to see it. J Well, it was a start, a impulse to act! That was what impressed me the most! The will of acting, of course it was needed some pushing, but the result was great! There was a whole building covered with our flag. They spent like a lot of money for it, but it was nice! Then,  a lot of companies installed a flag in their office, there was building apartments that also put the flag on its entrance. It was for the first time in Moldova when people acted like that. at least for the first time I saw it. I was in USA for its Independence Day, and their country branding surprised me. They were wearing hats, t-shirts; I bet they did wear the underwear also with US flag! I hope someday I will see that in Moldova people that worship their country and national flag like US citizens, and all of them will be proud for being born here! I am!

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It’s Time To Change!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Today, there are many organizations, unions, and projects that are trying to make the world a better place for living, not only a place where people are living a little longer but also a place where the love, moral values, and respect are a priority for all. It’s funny, cause it is probably like 100 people per organization/project on this matter, but still, is far away from the fact that the world is a place that is similar to the one from their vision. There are still people that hate each other, people that fight, people that are malicious. Anyway, in my country there is a saying: “There is no forest without sick trees” and maybe even if we could have one  person per one project, still it won’t be heaven on earth. That doesn’t mean that we can’t fight and dream for that to happen.

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this subject has no ending, and I am not trying to do something that no one can – to end it. The thought to write something about this came from the time I was in elementary school. About then I wrote a different story, but with a similar problem- a better living for human kind. That story, which I lost, unfortunately, was about people from my country, which are “forced” to leave the country in search for a better living. “Emigration – a pleasure or a necessity” that was the name of that article, and I remember that back then I was supportive to the necessity term for the emigration cause. Word, that right now, I am not that sure that I would use it. I didn’t travel a lot and I don’t have so much experience that gives me the right to say that, but still, I think that none of the words that I used back then is the right one, not the one I would use now at least. Sure, the temptation to go abroad is very acute right now, especially for the Third World countries, nut this is not the only option. I am not here to judge them or their reasons but I think that the main reason for the mass emigration is the cowardice and laziness. I still think that if you really want to do something, to accomplish a dream you can do it everywhere, all you have to do is to fight and to believe in it and in you. Of course, depending on the situation and objectives it may be a little harder, but not impossible!

I also had the thought of leaving my country, which I still do, but not because I want to live better in a different place, where people are more virtuous and kind, but to get more and different professional education and then to  come back here to apply all that I have learned. To help to make the change for the place that raised me, in name of my family and friends. Everyone wants to go somewhere else where apparently the moral values are met, where the economy is helping all the population from there. However, thinking about this, how do you think that they got this far? How do you think they have all that they have now, that draws you in? They had to work a lot at the beginning, side by side, and not to run away letting all that on others. That’s why I used the word: “coward”!

All we have to do is to start the change! Cause it’s already the time for that! It’s been too much time, and no one did nothing! We have to stop thinking about “Me “and to think about “Us”.  In this context, I don’t think about changing the world by magic to make something impossible!  All that I am talking it’s about us, about our behavior, our values and respect of others. That’s a good way to start! If you will respect others, they will respect you as well. I know that this is hard to believe, but only the faith in this is going to give the strength for that – to fight with the indifference! Try to say “thank you” every time you have the chance, try to say please and welcome to everyone, try to smile as much time you can, start to care about the people surrounding you, try to shine that happy light and send it on!   Sure, this will take a while, but with every minute that you spend being nice to someone, helping people surrounding you, you can destroy the seed of disbelieve and people will start to change! There is no way that someone can be so malicious with the person that treats him nice for so long. It will pass a while and things will start changing, and he will start to be nice, but that means that we have to try each day. Maybe a little bird can bring the sun and the spring. I am sure that with one little action the chain reaction will never stop and it will bring the change that we need!  I know that it takes a little spark to start the fire, so let’s start the fire that will bring the change to the world. If we take the chances, we can change it. Just imagine all that we could do for our world… all that YOU could do for the world you live in!!!

P.S. the song that I attached to the post it’s very significant for this subject! Just try to listen it and to try understand it!!!

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Job seeker vs Job bidder

new job position

Like everyone, after graduation, I tried to find a job. The good days when I was a student that parents were supportive (in the financial way) are over.  In this search, that is still going on, I was overwhelmed by diversity of employers, they offer, terms, and conditions. Here are some of the impression on this topic, mine and some friends of mine, too.

Sure, I did try to find something corresponding to my degree, cause I didn’t study all these three years for nothing. Well, guess what- today only a few employers are interested actually in your degree and your studies. Now the important thing is the experience, and usually, is three years experience in similar position. And after all those after-application interviews, I started to be allergic to expression ”three years experience in similar position” Where can a just-now-graduated  find those three years  if he/she can’t get a job without it. So for now, it seems that finding a job it’s a very twisted thing. The best way to say this, probably will be like this:  you need to get a job (which is unlikely, without any experience),  to gain the  right experience for the position  you actually  want, and is not that sure that you will be actually hired at the end…

Yes, probably is a game of words all that I said just now, but for me was something real! I don’t say that I don’t have any experience, cause I do have, but it’s just that according to some of the employers that interviewed me, is not the right one or not long enough. Yeah, sure! I have been student for three years, so if I could have found a profile-job at the time that I was only a freshman, (that’s even more impossible than it is now ), at the time of the graduation, I would have  the right experience.

So, according to these little theories of mine: Finding a good job- it’s not going to  happen in the near future!

However, this is not all. It seems like some of my friends found a job, even with a little experience. So I think: where is the catch? Well, it wasn’t a real job, after all. You see,  they realized that at the first,  is impossible with, no experience,  to get a job according to your degree, so let’s find one that doesn’t need too much experience, like a secretary, for example. They applied for it, and on the interview they realized that it wasn’t what they looking for. Sure for that job they didn’t need any experience, nevertheless, they needed short skirts and high heels …   The weirdest thing is that these job opportunities were published on a visited employment website. So I wonder, what to expect next? The state employment agencies to recruit for these positions?  That I’ll have to see……

Other employers, that realize that to hire someone that has good knowledge and experience in the specific field, is more unlikely, So they have a different  solution for that. But even here, not all understand that solution in the right way. Most of the big companies, before hiring an employee, they make them  pass two or three stages. First one, it’s  the CV application. Here the job seeker   finds the prospective employer. Then, is the interview stage, that helps the employer to figure out if the CV is Based on real information and facts, or just the person in front and the one from the paper are two different persons. So far so good! Now, on the third stage,  the training or probation period, each company is applying the “Indoor rules” and the employment process is getting different one from the other. So, there are companies, that treats the candidates not to good and at the end of the process, those who didn’t get the job, are, on the other side, relived… Of course, I understand that you can’t take care of all candidates, especially when we talk about a big number. But I think, actually I am convinced, that the employer needs to treat the candidates even better than the clients. Just think about it for a second. When you want to fix your car, your are searching for an Auto Service that it’s good and trustworthy. And if you have two options to chose: the first one – a former client told you that they didn’t fix the steering wheel to well, so he advise you not to go; or the second Auto Service: an ex prospective-employee, that tells you that the service is not too good, he worked there for a while, and he knows it! In this case I am sure that you’ll chose the  first Auto Service, that couldn’t fix only the steering wheel, not the one that has the entire service broken. You’ll not chose this one, because a former employee knows better what really happens there! So that’s why I think that it’s really important to treat the applicants very well, cause they can influence very well the clients.

Too bad that the company that hired me for a probation period doesn’t know that. What can I say, at the beginning was ok, the key to my employment in that company was to find more clients to buy their services. It was clear from the beginning, that I am not going to be paid for this time and  if I won’t bring enough clients, I’ll have to find another job. It was ok, I was agree. The time that I was in the office, the people  from there were  treating me nice, but still, it was different… not that friendly as they appeared to be with the clients or between them. Well, I thought that it was like this because I’m new.  They told me to provide them with a database with clients from my phonebook that corresponding to the clients profile. That’s odd… I don’t have friends that can be their clients. So I guess that from the start I was doomed. But I didn’t give up, I started to search new clients. Then I realized that I don’t have a place to work. It was a small desk in the corner, to fit a notebook – so no chance to invite the clients, that I hardly found, to my desk. It’s ok with that, too. Maybe after they will decide to hire me, they will find me a desk.  Time was running, but I didn’t get the chance to have enough clients, I had only a couple of them.  So I was expecting to not be approved. But guess what, I didn’t expect to “ get fired” over the phone…. It’s like getting dumped over the phone or even worse in a small note left on the table.  Honestly, I did not expect this from a big company in their field. I think it would have been  nice to let me know about their decision in the office like they really care. Now I think that is better to hire someone only for a probation period, to not pay a penny for it, and to get you new clients. It’s pretty convenient, right? Sure, I can make them a bad publicity, (don’ get me wrong, I am not doing this now) and  they can lose the confidence of a few clients…. But then again, it’s pretty obvious that this is not the main concern of the employer.

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