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Where do I begin….. Do I?

A few years ago, when I started this blog, or so-called blog I thought that at least 2 times per week I will write here about all my “issues” with the world. But guess what, I didn’t! Shame on you Lilia!!

Well, it was a tough period that passed, no free time, at least not enough for me, and I can find enough reasons or excuses not coming here too often. And to be fare, for more than one year I almost forgot that there is something like that. Any way, there is no excuse, not that I am trying to find any. Just, I guess that at this moment, the idea of saying something its growing on me.

Nowadays, almost everyone is trying to reach out to the world through blogging /internet. So am I. At least lets give another try, the third time is the charm. And it is not that I forcefully trying to do that, its just that I arrived at some point, that I want to speak to somebody, and i can’t. Not entirely.

Branding for Moldova

Well, as I said in the last post, somehow we have to try to do some positive awareness form inside to outside, for a good branding. It’s a funny thing, but actually, me – hoping, well it worked. This year was different. It started with national flag branding. Of course, it wasn’t my hopes that change that, it was a TV campaign, but still it was something. A new TV Channel from MD, Publika TV launched a national campaign for all people that are proud to be from Moldova. The basics of the campaign were to take a picture with our national flag and to send it to the channel. It didn’t matter if the picture is from MD or from the other side of the earth, it had to be creative, funny, and proving their love for our little country.


Good branding…

I was watching (actually, re-watching for like 10th time, cause is my favorite movie) Twilight movie- the first Book, in English off course, and one moment caught my attention, also reminding me about other times and situations, that defines a good branding and brand awareness. Probably you have seen the movie, so I won’t start do relate it right now, so I will mention only the part that the boy explained to the girl how he manage to stop the car with his hand only- “I had an adrenaline rush. It’s very common, you can Google it.” It may appear like an advertisement for Google, but does it need that already when the brand is blending with its key word “search”? This is not the only example that I can give to you. Not even close!


It’s Time To Change!!!

The world is in your hands

The world is in your hands

Today, there are many organizations, unions, and projects that are trying to make the world a better place for living, not only a place where people are living a little longer but also a place where the love, moral values, and respect are a priority for all. It’s funny, cause it is probably like 100 people per organization/project on this matter, but still, is far away from the fact that the world is a place that is similar to the one from their vision. There are still people that hate each other, people that fight, people that are malicious. Anyway, in my country there is a saying: “There is no forest without sick trees” and maybe even if we could have one person per one project, still it won’t be heaven on earth. That doesn’t mean that we can’t fight and dream for that to happen.


Job seeker vs Job bidder

new job position

Like everyone, after graduation, I tried to find a job. The good days when I was a student that parents were supportive (in the financial way) are over. In this search, that is still going on, I was overwhelmed by diversity of employers, they offer, terms, and conditions. Here are some of the impression on this topic, mine and some friends of mine, too.

Sure, I did try to find something corresponding to my degree, cause I didn’t study all these three years for nothing. Well, guess what- today only a few employers are interested actually in your degree and your studies. Now the important thing is the experience, and usually, is three years experience in similar position…..


Moldova and Customer Care: where is the connection?!?

Liliana customer care Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, I appreciate it, I’m grateful for it because it taught me all that I know, made me all that I am now. Actually, that’s the main reason- the respect and love for my country- why I’m trying to say all this, all that I thing its wrong with it, hoping to help it to do better! Is like a little child, that when you know that he is wrong, you try to show it to him, to explain to him exactly what is not good, so that next time to do better. And it’s not that I am so omniscient and all-knowing person, it’s just that I am like :I notice that and I have to say it! So here what I saw during 21 years (for now) living in my country. Maybe everyone already noticed all that I’m trying to say, but sometimes it seems like it’s been there for all that I can remember, so maybe that’s the way it should be. Maybe that is better for everyone. I don’t know about you, but till now I it was to many “maybe”s for me, and it’s not the way it should be! That’s for sure!


Why greenstroke ?!?!

Maybe for someone this would be an odd name for a personal blog, and to be honest it is a little odd even for me… So why I chose this one? Very simple I didn’t have a choice! Actually I wanted to name my blog “standpoint“, but it was unavailable(From where so much luck!! :) ). So I needed to find another one, cause I didn’t want to be that simple, like using my first and last name. I started to think about possibles choices, so I come up with a couple of words in my head….



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