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Oh, these exams….


Yesterday were announced the final exams grades, and for the first time (as far as I know) 42% of the high school students failed on it.  This year the Ministry of Education implemented new measures in order to reduce the possibility of cheating on the exams, they placed video recording system in all the exam centers. Well, I am not going to lie, at the beginning I wasn’t a big fan of this measure. I mean, come on you actually think that they will supervise and if necessary re-watch the video recording for each center? This is only a facade, I thought.

Well it actually worked: the students’ weren’t able to cheat, and almost half of them haven’t passed the exams. I guess even if the video recording wouldn’t work, only the thought of being installed, it made students think that they can get caught.  I guess our Ministry of Education was inspired by P. Coleho book, when he gave an amazing example of a gallows in the center of a city just to scare the people in becoming good persons. “It isn’t the desire to abide by the law that makes everyone behave as society requires, but the fear of punishment.”

Well now, guess what? Every politician in the country or so called person of interest in this matter tries to spin this around just to get some attention. Pathetic!!  You see, almost half of the students haven’t passed the exams, its outrageous!! Even if they don’t know s***t, they have to pass it!

Seriously?!  There are countries (like Romania) that each year is like this, and isn’t that much of a tragedy! Here, they ask for the resignation of Ministry of Education (as I saw today a protest of a group of a few people on the street, Russians, but this is another topic)

This is a true reflection of their work and study during these three years of high school! They didn’t passed the exams because they were to busy to stay on FB or other web sites, instead of solving math problems; they were to busy strolling in clubs instead of learning geography; or to busy of practicing anatomy instead of studying it.

Past generations studied hard for their exams! These generations, when you ask them something: Oh please let me check on the internet!  Interesting, when some one of them will become a doctor, during the surgery, will he or she have access to internet in the ER? Or in the future everything is possible just that the students don’t have to bother to pass the exams…

Not all of them are like this- not willing to learn, I admit, but at least 42% of them. Oh wait, 42% of the students haven’t passed the exams this year… well isn’t this amazing!

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