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My idea, your idea … any idea?

It’s no surprise that when you work in a specific area of activity, you are more focused on what is happening in that particular world. For example, I always pay attention a little bit more than others in my family to everything that is related to advertising or publicity. And its not just because they don’t care, its cause I see in those commercials a lot of flash backs from my college and work. For instance, a few days ago I saw a TV Commercial on an USA channel, from PayPal company. It was a flash back  4 years ago, when we did a TV Commercial for one of our clients, from Moldova. That was a surprise! Why? Well, the commercials where very alike.

So, if you put all together, like : two different countries, two different products, and most of all two different time frame, the ideas are so close to each other!! I know what you would think – ‘inspiration’ from the first one (its not like it never happens in this line of business). But no way! I know that for a fact, being sure that our commercial didn;t leave the premises of our country.

Made me think, how interesting and close are the minds of the people in the same line of work/activity, so that time and space apart, they came up with almost the same ideas. How can a copyright issue be solved in this case? Is it any? Its not like its about that, cause the laws of advertising are so wide-framed and different in the same country, nevertheless in different ones, and here we are not talking about breaking any code or something. at the end of the day, its about the success of the idea that you put in to the project, the success that will bring to your product/company. But then again, here the success was different too: the second commercial, for the well known company – PayPal, has success with the commercial ( at least I see it a lot on TV), while the first one, is well forgotten already (sadly, cause I actually worked on it).

Although, it makes me proud, cause we, an agency from a small country,  had the same idea why before a bigger advertising agency had it for its bigger client. 🙂

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