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Cheers ! :)


Well, let’s say that sometimes  I get lucky! At least prizes/ promotion  point of view. Last week I participated in a promotion of a local brand of fine wines and I won a bottle of my favorite kind of wines – Rose! I did’t open it yet, since I plan to give it to my sister for a special occasion – The baptism  of my sweet and first Goddaughter! Only the thought of it makes me smile and fills me with joy! But let’s get back to the promotion.

The promotion was on Facebook – so the only promotional cost was the time spent by the administrator of the page, and knowing the marketing thinking in MD, usually this is equal with zero for the company. It remains the cost of the actual gift –  the bottle of wine – which gives you the opportunity to taste it and it not that much of a cost for the production company (its own product).

The conditions were simple: Register in the promotional contest,  change your FB profile cover with the one with the brand and logo of the company, keep it for at least 10 days, and one bottle of fine wine is yours! Nice and easy!

Today, when I went there to get it, a signed on full A4 page list, that hat a few more beneath. That’s telling me that  the people were actually  involved in this contest.  Why shouldn’t they? The wine is very good, high quality, and its free. More over you don’t have to do anything that complicated, 5 minutes and you’re done!

But, I would add some more to it:

First, I would say that the cover photo is not that good choice. I would go for the profile picture. Yes, probably they thought that nobody would change their profile picture to a strangers one, impersonal. But then again, if they did it with the cover photo, sure the would do it with profile pic.  And the impact would be bigger, as the profile picture is much more often seen than the Cover one.

Second, would make a testimonial for it. When the winners came to get the prize, it should have been some photo shooting to put the pictures on the Fb page, as a proof that this contest was for real, like: “Hey, look how many winners we have! Look how appreciated our wine is !” And let’s face it! People like when they are praised – and a few pics with them on a Fb page, good ones, will make it even better. Who knows, if the pictures are really good, the can place it on the profile , and there we go again – new hidden advertising, and most of all – free!

One thing I know for sure – I liked this small  promotion. It should be more of this kind of  promotions!

Let’s drink to That!

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