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Read me some…

I know, that’s probably the most “cliche” thing to say, but today,  I bumped in to an article on one of my favorite sites about art and life,, that reminded me about one of the most important joy of life – books.

read me some

Its not that I didn’t know that already, I am sure that everyone knows that, but its the quote that it was used caught my eye and mind.  It was a quote by Albert Einstein. He was asked once how we could make our children intelligent. His reply was both simple and wise. “If you want your children to be intelligent,” he said, “read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales”  …Could it be as simple as that?

Than I remembered of myself as a kid, in a time and place that books were not quite everywhere. In a time and place that was still in between the big changes, not only for the country, but for the books as well : change of the alphabet, change of the ideology of what you can or can not read, change of the folk stories and ferry tales. But still, I was entertained every night by a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing fairy tales, told by my loving and great father. (I remember so clear one of my favorite stories,  with a white horse and a brave little boy that unlike his older brothers, in a very skillful way, overcome all the obstacles to get the girl he loved. I admit, my father was one hell of a story teller, even now he can tell it to you as if he is living it!) He did like to read, and because of that we had home a mini library, that I always invaded to look at the books. I didn’t understand most of it, they where in Cyrillic ( Slavic alphabet). Still, I was inspired to read or discover. I knew I wanted more…

Then, came the school years, so many books, and frankly not to much will to read but more will to watch TV instead… I did my mandatory school readings, but that was all… until I found a book* ( or it found me…) – my first book that I read without anyone telling me to do so. It reminded me about that fantastic world that books together with my imagination open up! So many books that I read, taught me so many things! Taught me how to believe and care, taught me how to trust and hope, taught to fight and to want more. Its funny that for a few good days I didn’t  even remembered the name of that first book, though I remember every detail of its cover and the stories in it. How weird is that? Maybe all I have to remember about it, is that it made me to want to read more and more, and to be thankful for that.

We should read more, we all should show to our kids that besides TV and phone there is an other world out there, like my father showed me that I can do get to my happy ending. A fascinating world that builds us from inside out, makes us more emphatic, and helps us escape the harshness of our real world, by teaching us how to act, how to be more intelligent or skillful, to overcome all of our obstacles in life… for a better life!

*the book is called “Crime and Science” by Jurgen Thorwald – a fascinated book that could replace any time all this crime TV Shows, and that inspired movies (ex. “The fugitive” with Harrison Ford) article
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Key west (II)

Even though it’s was a short trip/ vacation in Key West, and mostly doing wedding stuff, there is not enough space here to describe it. I mentioned the first things that got me all excited about the place, but that is far from the only ones, or the best ones!
IMG_0468-1.JPGThe schedule was pretty tight, at least enough for me- the girl that never been to an American-on-the-beach wedding. From where I come from, the guests at the wedding show up at the big wedding party, drink, eat and go home. This one was different. We met with the rest of the guest and family a couple days before the big day on the roof top of the hotel to see the famous sunset. Then the next day we had the rehearsal dinner, where we were announced about a city quest contest. The very next day we started already to complete the commands on the quest sheet. This is the part that I liked the most! Before coming here all I knew was that Key West it’s a very hot touristic point at the moment ( this time of the year), now after that quest, I found out more than I know about my home town :)))
We visited the house of Ernest Hemingway, saw the six towed cat, saw the little White House, the mile zero, the most southern point of US, the headquarters of PanAm airways, Z. Taylor port, the closest Cuban bar to Cuba (90miles)…. And much more fun stuff. Basically, in one day, we discovered the city, that normal people do it in one week :).
I liked also the specific local bars and gift shops. We’ll, of course, in a hot travel destination, what else can they have 🙂 . IMG_0466-0.JPGClose to the house we rented, there was the Bahamas Bob’s bar, or at least this name I remember :))) here I drank the best mojito and the best tornado or hurricane cocktail ( or some sort of wheatear storm thing 🙂 )
Oh, must not forget!!! I was DUI !!! I was driving my bicycle after all these cocktails :)) was pretty amazing ! Not the DUI part, God forbid! The amazing part was the fun, the laughter, the ability of 4 buzzed(cause it’s too harsh to say -drunk) adults, on bicycles with a puppy in the front basket at 1 AM.

Then it came the wedding day. Of course it was perfect! The nice weather, the beach, the cool breeze… the white dress……the white dress… No other words can descrise it better!


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Madame Bijoux in real life?

20140513-001914.jpgI always wondered if movies or real life is one and the same…. Which inspired which?!
As I was sitting in the restaurant one evening, across the bar, there was one lady that caught my eye. She was in her 60’s, I guess. She was wearing a beautiful green dress, that showed her great body ( for her age). The earrings – a bright gold with green little stones, they were hanging down like a chandelier. She didn’t have a necklace, but the golden watch on her right wrist was shining brighter than the sun, that has already set. At her both hands she had at least two rings, golden rings. One had a red stone, as like it was out of its place in all that green and golden aura. There was no ring on the ring finger though… It’s not that it meant something, but later on I was actually thinking about that finger.
So, as I was saying, she got my attention. It’s not cause it was weird or something, it’s because it gave me the feeling of deja vu. Is it because I have seen her before? Did I? Now that I think more about it, I realized that I have seen her before… She comes almost every night, around 5 PM, every time is well dressed. I mean black tie dressed! It’s not like it’s inappropriate, a lot of restaurant’s customers are well dressed, but she, I think she is a little overdressed. Every time wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, jewelry and great hairstyle! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention about her hairstyle : every time she has the hair – perfectly straight and only the ends curled outward, reminding me of the vintage hair styles.
She was alone the whole time she stood there drinking her Petit Syrah red wine, off course testing it before ( every time asking to taste it before she has it). She was chatting a little with the people surrounding her, but not for long, then having a cup of coffee, black, as she was exchanging some words with the bartender, laughing a little on the bartenders “tip me” jokes. And at last, having a water with lemon until she pays the bill. Sometimes she has a light dinner, but I guess today wasn’t the case.
So, I try to figure out why its so deja vu, why I have the feeling that it’s so familiar to me. I have seen here the other nights, but it’s not it! I have this picture in my mind, a sketch of an old lady with a hat and a lot of jewelry sitting at a dining table. From which book is that? I have a good visual memory, but a bad name memory, I guess. I started to look on the web, and it was there – it wasn’t a book, it was a story from the movie “Titanic”. It was the story behind the drawing that Jack had of an old lady called Madame Bijoux- the lady that was waiting for her long lost love….
Is it the same here? That’s where I go back to that ring finger that had no ring….
I wonder – is she the real life Madame Bijoux? Is that one of the last joys of life: getting all dressed up and waiting that one day it may get more interesting than that?

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Key West, FL (I)

Who doesnt Love to travel ? Most of all as an escape from an horrible winter? I had the chance to go in the most popular vacation place in the winter time- Key West, Florida. A bright sun, a great beach and blue ocean, an amazing breeze and a good company – the Key of a great vacation!!
During the month of February in Massachusetts it’s quite cold, but this year was terrible! The real North Pole:) I guess was a late Christmas wish of a kid to extend the winter of a little bit more, so that Santa can come again to his house….. And I love winter, but even for me was too much!
So, back to the main topic – I got an invitation to a wedding in Key West, FL. At first I thought that I won’t know anyone there, and it won’t be that fun… But who can refuse a week in Key West? … And on the other side, it gave me the opportunity to get to know the person I was going with.

20140505-155430.jpgFlorida, here I come !!!!
I had to do some packing and that was it!! It’s really hard to pack for summer when you are in winter… It was like I’ve forgot how warm or hot is summer… The weather forecast didn’t tell me much.. How to remember how hot is 80* when it’s been 20* for so long?!
Anyway, as I arrived in Orlando, I still had to go shopping. Yey!!!!!

Key West.

Everyone told me that the Keys are really nice, but as I got there I realized that they were wrong!!!! It was AMAZING !
It was my first in an exotic city/town, and I’m sure that it had its part in that AMAZING, but it was really gorgeous – perfect!
20140505-154348.jpgThe sun was right in the middle of the sky, shining like there is no tomorrow, the light breeze brought the beach and ocean a step closer to us, and the palm trees… Oh, the palm trees…. They really had coconut !! The more we got in to the city, the more the child inside me cried: coconut, coconut… ( and I don’t even like them so much)
After we settled in the little house we rented, we went to get more familiar with the city. We had a few hours until the dinner at the roof top of the hotel, with the wedding guests, so we walked around on the streets of Key West. They have small streets, fully packed with little souvenir shops and bars for different parts of the world: France, Cuba, Italy, Mexico. I will try to get more detailed about the specific and amazing things that key west is famous for in the next post, right now I will try to describe if I’ll can, the most perfect sunset that I have seen – on the roof top hotel .
It was like the sun was sinking in the ocean, splashing all over the sky red, orange and purple paint. My boyfriend told me that this is one of the things that Key West was famous for. This wasn’t just perfect, it was out of this world. While the ocean hugs the sun, your special person hugs you!


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