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Madame Bijoux in real life?

20140513-001914.jpgI always wondered if movies or real life is one and the same…. Which inspired which?!
As I was sitting in the restaurant one evening, across the bar, there was one lady that caught my eye. She was in her 60’s, I guess. She was wearing a beautiful green dress, that showed her great body ( for her age). The earrings – a bright gold with green little stones, they were hanging down like a chandelier. She didn’t have a necklace, but the golden watch on her right wrist was shining brighter than the sun, that has already set. At her both hands she had at least two rings, golden rings. One had a red stone, as like it was out of its place in all that green and golden aura. There was no ring on the ring finger though… It’s not that it meant something, but later on I was actually thinking about that finger.
So, as I was saying, she got my attention. It’s not cause it was weird or something, it’s because it gave me the feeling of deja vu. Is it because I have seen her before? Did I? Now that I think more about it, I realized that I have seen her before… She comes almost every night, around 5 PM, every time is well dressed. I mean black tie dressed! It’s not like it’s inappropriate, a lot of restaurant’s customers are well dressed, but she, I think she is a little overdressed. Every time wearing a nice dress, nice shoes, jewelry and great hairstyle! Oh, yes, I forgot to mention about her hairstyle : every time she has the hair – perfectly straight and only the ends curled outward, reminding me of the vintage hair styles.
She was alone the whole time she stood there drinking her Petit Syrah red wine, off course testing it before ( every time asking to taste it before she has it). She was chatting a little with the people surrounding her, but not for long, then having a cup of coffee, black, as she was exchanging some words with the bartender, laughing a little on the bartenders “tip me” jokes. And at last, having a water with lemon until she pays the bill. Sometimes she has a light dinner, but I guess today wasn’t the case.
So, I try to figure out why its so deja vu, why I have the feeling that it’s so familiar to me. I have seen here the other nights, but it’s not it! I have this picture in my mind, a sketch of an old lady with a hat and a lot of jewelry sitting at a dining table. From which book is that? I have a good visual memory, but a bad name memory, I guess. I started to look on the web, and it was there – it wasn’t a book, it was a story from the movie “Titanic”. It was the story behind the drawing that Jack had of an old lady called Madame Bijoux- the lady that was waiting for her long lost love….
Is it the same here? That’s where I go back to that ring finger that had no ring….
I wonder – is she the real life Madame Bijoux? Is that one of the last joys of life: getting all dressed up and waiting that one day it may get more interesting than that?

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